Who Wears it Better?

I purchased the Victoire Roux Story of My Life dressed doll...sold the nude doll and gave the outfit to Fauxnessa first and Dasha second. The dress is adaptable to both bodies. The shoes fit the regular tall FR body but not Dasha. Forget about the gloves. I have no patience for gloves that do not stretch.

Who do you think will get to keep this fashion?

Update on Sybarite Cirque 
I received an apology from customer service for this happening to me, again. They are willing to refund completely if I want to return her. I've asked for a replacement hand. However, tomorrow, I will undress Cirque completely to make sure there is nothing else wrong with her. Also, I was surprised at the poor quality of her manicure. WTF? This is not a Barbie doll. What are they thinking by releasing dolls at this price with this type of poor detailing?
However, I thought I might want keep her when I was photographing her. She has a gorgeous sculpt that suits high contrast photography and her eyes are gorgeous. I'd like to try different wigs on her.
In this photo, she is still wrapped in cellophane - just in case you were thinking there are waves on her chest. I smoothed it out with PS.


  1. Hi Terri, beautiful shots. I would say Dasha is going to win the outfit, she looks perfect

  2. Gorgeous shots of both, but I love redheads wearing purple! Sign me up for Fauxnessa--great name btw; I love the old face molds so much better.

  3. Fabulous pictures! The dress looks better with red hair.