Crafting Miniature Books by Michaela Unbehau

Michaela graciously sent this tutorial with photographs to me to share with my readers. These little books are so much fun in dioramas and in photos of your dolls.
Thank you, Michaela!

01: I create bookcovers on my PC and print them out. Cut the covers out.
02: Fold them.
03: Generously cut paper to fill the books.
04: Add hot glue to the rebate (don't know if it's the right word in English.) (She means the inside of the binding.)
05: After the glue cools, cut the edges.
06: And it's done. Happy crafting!
Get to work, everyone. These make great gifts for your doll collecting friends.

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  1. Thanks Michaela and Terri for sharing this! I've made some miniature books before, but never with real pages (I used a foam board instead). Michaela makes such wonderful mini magazines and other stuff!