CDDC Challenge 4 Entries

 Challenge Four entries are up. The challenge:
"The Hollywood Gown" in golden age Hollywood was a time when there were gowns designed for film stars and movie rolls, by designers known worldwide.
Designers such as Adrian, Edith Head, and Irene, were known for their film gowns. Fashion and the movies have been married since the first moving pictures. There were times when the gown made the film and made even bigger the starlet who wore it, catapulting her into the next big "it" girl. This challenge is to create the perfect "Hollywood Gown". The gown has to be modern while also giving a nod to those famous Hollywood designers of yesteryear. The  gown must be camera ready and starlet bound, it must look good from all angles  and must provide that perfect "Hollywood publicity still".
  Some of the entries had no textual presentation at all. Some explained what they used to create the gown. Overall it was quite a mixed bag of entries.

This is a gown to die for and I want it. So Mr. you-know-who-you-are, sell it to me after the contest.

For me, the following submission is a humorous statement in which the artist decided to do her own thing.  I think it's very funny. It is definitely a creative interpretation of "starlet bound." I wonder if there's room for humor in the judges' repertoire of evaluations. Of course, it's not a gown so it doesn't adhere to the challenge and I think the entrant couldn't care less. Winner of the moxie award!

 She's had her turn on the casting couch.

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  1. Now thats funny and accurate.Let the clutching of pearls and walls of words,words,words,begin in scoring this one.