George Gonzalez' Photos of Jamieshow Evil

Evil, the new Jamieshow doll, has been redressed in the Superfrock fashion called Black Bird Society. She is just perfect for this.  Sometimes a doll and an outfit are just made for each other. This one nails it.

If you haven't heard, Evil is a new Jamieshow doll. She is on the front cover of the latest issue of FDQ. Click on the issue to go to Angelic Dreamz to see more pictures of Evil and to order her.


  1. I agree, Black Bird was just made for her!

  2. It's just amazing how many looks the Grace sculpt can have. From sweet and innocent, to "Evil"!!!! I'd love to see this hair style in platinum, silver, or black. Love the exquisite face paint on this doll.

  3. OK. That's it. I must simply stop reading! She is stunning, Terri! I can't believe she's even better in person--and that dress! Ack! I'm envious! :) Congrats on a lovely doll!