Kingdom Doll Savile

Savile is the most recently issued doll from KD. She was a large edition at 60 pieces. Many who had never gotten the opportunity to own a KD, finally scored.
Savile Row is a street in Mayfair, central London. Known principally for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men, the street has had a varied history that had included accommodating the headquarters of the Royal Geographical Society at 1 Savile Row, where significant British explorations to Africa and the South Pole were planned; and more recently, the Apple office of the Beatles at 3 Savile Row, where the band's final live performance was held on the roof of the building.  [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savile_Row
Here is a photo by Alexandra Forbes that shows Savile in her full outfit and original wig.
She is one put together gal! Her jewelry is of copper metal with turquoise accents. Her shoes are copper colored and her Birkin is turquoise.

Her pin striped suit is the nod to men's tailoring. The construction is superb.
Kingdom Doll Savile by Alexandra Forbes

BTW: You can buy the same Birkin in human size for about $15,000. Seriously, who would spend that much just for a leather bag besides a brand name whore? I'll take this black one.

My doll had a chill so I put a bodysuit on her. It's from an Avantguard doll. Wearing it, she can open her jacket without it all hanging out.

I've seen Savile in many styles and colors of wigs and she looks gorgeous in all of them. The sculpt is fabulous and I'm so happy to have her.


Superdoll Collectibles HACKNEY

The latest Bow Belle from Superdoll Collectables is Hackney. Here is her description from the website:

'I think I'll wear stars'.Taking in the neighbourhood sights while strutting her stuff in Trendiest East London.
Venus knows her way around this part of town... it's home. 
NEW! GENX.2 body!NEW! Cosmetique skintone! 
Her shoulder blade length mullet wig is a delicate blend of gingers with side swept fringe, serving 'edge'! Eyes of sky and bluebelle surrounded by shadow in rose, hot pink and grey. Heavy navy liner on her lids. Brows of mocha accentuated with fine strokes of rust. Lips the colour of summer roses at dusk. 
Her chequered weave 'boyfriend' shirt is unbuttoned and tied underbust, firstly to show off her waist and secondly to catch a bit of a breeze! To keep her cool, she wears floral print denim and AB stone trimmed half and half cut off denim shorts with functioning pockets, waistbanded in monogram petersham, just short enough to show off her long legs.  
Milky tea-coloured footless fishnet hose, a pair of gorgeous navy socks with banded tops and scarlet platform, pointed red courts bearing pom pom detail. These along with a cute denim and monogram banded 'speedy' bag dripping in silver accessories emblazoned with an enamel union jackbutton are her accessories of choice. 
Just when you thought that was enough she picked up her chain and orange crystal necklace and popped on her divine pheasant feather trimmed, star weave denim, Austrian flip back hat and placed it on her head, 'just so'..Good to go, she then added multiple hippy bracelets...just because she should!
The sun is shining outside, Darlings! 
Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)-booklet-standIn stock and ready to be deliveredPrice: £247.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
For ease of viewing, I have brightened up the photos.

£247 British Pounds = $354.47 US Dollar

I was going to order one until I saw her wig. I'll wait for the next one. :-(


The Kingdom Doll Ladies 2014 — 2016 .... So Far

Alexandra Forbes created this stunning composite of the 22 Kingdom Dolls created to date.

Liberty - Phoenix - Chaucer - Nelson - Brigantia - Holly - Deynas - Eira - Dauphine - Draig - Viola - Arnamentia - Hadrian - Orbit - Nimue - Elan - Aquitaine - 
Nelson II (because she was the first Queen) - Cinnamon - Brunel - Brighton - Star - Savile
You can click on the images to see the full sized version.

If you haven't guessed, I adore these dolls. I am very lucky to have been one of the very few to be able to own Viola.

From the top of her wig to the tip of her nose and all the way down to her toes she is perfection.


New Gene Marshall & Friends Dolls by Mel Odom and Jamieshow

The latest Jamieshow Convention was held this past weekend in Chicago and revealed a full compliment of Gene Marshall & Friends dolls.  I am sure that Gene collectors are thrilled at the resurgence of their beloved dolls, now in resin.

All photos by George Gonzalez.

From left to right: Oona, Ivy, Marsha, Trent, Gene, Zita, Madra and Violet.

Attendees could choose either a Gene line doll or a Jamieshow doll for their convention souvenir prior to the event. Marsha was the Gene line souvenir. She has a beautifully done face. I don't know what's going on with the pleats in the front of the dress. Perhaps one has to remove the jacket to see the dress design. I'm hoping to see owner photos of that.

The Jamieshow doll that was available as an option was a Cary Grant doll. He is not shown above but can be seen, along with all of the above dolls at:

All the dolls are available either to pre-order or to purchase now. The prices are $495 for each except for Marsha and Cary who are $600.

My personal favorite is Oona. Her face, hair and outfit work perfectly together. She fits right in with the theme of Hollywood Canteen.

Zita is a striking doll. Her sculpt is intriguing and adorable at the same time. She looks like she's always ready to blow a kiss. Her wig cap is lovely.

Another favorite is Hollywood Canteen Gene. She is pure Gene, glamorous and beautiful. Dress and wig cap are well suited to her and the era.

Trent is dressed in a US military uniform and cuts a fine figure.


And there's even more!!!!
Some old friends join us this year, re-sculpted and freshened up.  Cameron has a new skin tone, and both he and Lee now can wear our exclusive JAMIEshow sculpted wig caps.  Sabina rejoins the group now also able to wear the JAMIEshow exclusive rooted wig caps.  All three of the girls sculpts have been re-sculpted for a fresh look in these 2.0 version.  Available for pre-order now, the first shipment will come in the beginning of July and the remainder by August.
Here is the link to see and order the basics.


Lovetone Dolls by Rocco Liang

I'm pleased to be able to present a review of the two new 12" fashion dolls designed by Rocco Liang, "Bonjour Baby" Lena (left) and "Hello Honey" Roxy.

Lena is a dark-haired beauty who arrives in a light gray, strapless jumpsuit topped with a pale blue coat. She carries a black patent leather rectangular, working handbag with black patent leather heels.
Each doll comes with a free-hanging hairstyle. I put Lena's into a low, off to the side pony tail and braided a small portion. Each doll also comes with one silver-tone earring. I would have liked a pair on each doll. The dolls do not come with stands.

Roxy is dressed in a pale gray (same color as Lena's jumpsuit) dress that has an Empire waist with an overlay of pleated fabric above the bustline.  Her coat is a dusty pink color. Her shoes are silver with back zippers. They match her working handbag. I put her hair into a sleek pony tail.

The fabric used is a lightweight, velour type synthetic. It has a nice feel and is non raveling as there are several unfinished edges used in the construction. Where there is a lining used, it is an ultra lightweight woven product which adds almost no bulk to the design. When it comes to dolls' coats, it's a great choice. The coats have working pockets
For both the jumpsuit and the dress I had to sew in a thread halter to hold up the bodice. I have Photoshopped it out of most of the photos.

I had heard about the body issues before receiving my dolls. It's quite unfortunate that this was not resolved prior to production because the design of the body is excellent. There's a great range of movement possible - even more than with the FR2 body. Unfortunately the hip joints and the under-bust joint are so loose that posing, without support or even on a stand is difficult, if not impossible. The vinyl has a very velvety feel to it.

Lovetones Dolls have almost identically sized bodies to the FR2. They can share clothes and shoes with Nu Face Dolls as well.

 Dolls retail for $168. each.

For more information go to: lovetonesdoll.com/index.php

Integrity Toy's New Preview Doll: The Industry

They're calling her a 12" Tulabelle but luckily, she doesn't look like Tula at all. The duck lips are gone!

16" Tulabelle on left; 12" Tulabelle on right.

I like the new sculpt much better. The eyes appear to be more in proportion to the rest of her face.  The shape of her head is more realistic. The makeup is more sophisticated (less cartoony.) Her outfit is pretty cool, too.

A Note From Designer David Buttry:

We are so happy to bring you the first doll from our new upcoming doll line. As always, with all of our doll lines, great attention was taken with the construction and detailing of the fashion. As a design choice (not a budgetary decision), we have chosen to use a very fine, micro-velcro closure on the front placket of Tulabelle's shirt. The fabric is very sheer and we did not want to have a visual distraction with the use of hooks and loops, so the decision was made to use velcro. We wanted to make our customers aware of this choice. I hope that you will love the great attention to detail that was incorporated into this doll; we worked hard to make her as visually stunning and versatile as we could!
That's a new path - velcro on Fashion Royalty dolls. I certainly understand the need to reduce bulk in the closures. We'll see if it spreads to other articles of clothing. This may not have been a budgetary decision but it is less expensive to use velcro in any event.

Lady Stardust  LE 500  $120

Here is the back story from IT's promo:

A New Trendsetting Powerhouse!

Tulabelle has just been asked to join a creative fashion collective. Artists, models, photographers, stylists and all-around fashion insiders work together as a one-stop creative powerhouse to influence the fashion world. Tulabelle couldn't be more excited to work with such a varied and talented group of individuals of all ages. The place works like a well-oiled machine and lives up to its name... THE INDUSTRY!

First unveiled last fall at the 2015 Integrity Toys convention in Long Beach, California, THE INDUSTRY is the brainchild of Poppy Parker creator David Buttry! The W Club is proud to finally officially launch this collection today, with the introduction of the first 12-inch Tulabelle doll in the series, Lady Stardust! Available for pre-order from Integrity Toys dealers starting today, the Lady Stardust doll is offered in a super-limited introductory edition size of 500 pieces only and marks the debut of a brand new, ultra-versatile body sculpt (more details about this below, keep reading!).

Stay Tuned, There Is More To Come!

Later this year, you'll get to meet more of Tulabelle's friends who work for THE INDUSTRY. They will have their own take on style, a lighthearted street-influenced collection with a mix of vintage and new. So, get ready for a lot of fun and more fashion adventures! We are excited about this new line and we hope you will be, too!

Note: The doll pictured in this release is a prototype. Final fabrics, colors and textures may vary slightly.

THE INDUSTRY™ In Greater Detail

We chatted with the design team and they explained to us that THE INDUSTRY marks the debut of a brand new, freshly engineered body sculpt!

This new body can be completely disassembled and has interchangeable hands. This really useful feature offers great possibilities when dressing dolls in tight, form-fitting clothes and helps eliminate unnecessary closures that add bulk to scaled clothing whenever possible. Also, this new body features a more versatile foot sculpt that will allow the dolls to easily share shoes with other brands of dolls on the market! Talk about awesome versatility!

Also, THE INDUSTRY marks the introduction of a brand new packaging style designed by our very own Alain Tremblay that includes a portrait picture of the doll with each new release!

Without further ado, here is a shot of the new body in all its glory!
What other brands of dolls are on the market besides Barbie? If these feet can wear earlier FR shoes, that would be a good thing.