Sybarite Gen-X Mansion and Barbie-like Packaging

Much to my surprise Mansion was delivered by DHL on Memorial Day! I immediately opened the shipper box and was somewhat dismayed to see an angular plastic box wrapped in cellophane.

I know that Superdoll is attempting to stay in business and has produced a vinyl doll to appeal to those who will spend about $400 (give or take) for a doll instead of $700. But, packaging the doll in a plastic fronted box was going too far. At least with Barbie dolls, the box is wrapped in tissue and not cellophane.

Of course she is impossible to photograph through the cellophane. Frustrated, I took it off and the results were not much better.

The box itself has a bendable cardboard back and insert with a cardboard top and bottom that slip in and out of the plastic casing. The flexible plastic casing itself slips off easily.

$400. is not a cheap doll. Integrity packages it's $100. dolls better - so does Mattel.

My doll arrived in an extremely awkward-looking pose (see the third photo above.) It was very distressing and I had to examine her although I did not wish to debox. I straightened the limbs before taking these photos.

I certainly hope Superdoll rethinks their packaging as this is really unacceptable.

Regarding the doll herself, she has a great face and the screening looks very good. Her handbag is adorable and so is the outfit.


"Black Lipstick" Gene as Grey Lady

This was the 20th Anniversary Gene souvenir doll we received at the Jamieshow convention in Chicago this past weekend. She is a 16" resin BJD. Some people chose another doll. Gene was quickly sold out as were several of the companion dolls.

I have altered the black & white images below using Photoshop.

The Dimitha fur stole was a table gift. It is actually gray toned. 

No doll can resist Rudy.


JAMIEshow Convention - Gene Marshall 20th Anniversary

I haven't come down to earth yet!
I didn't take a camera other than my iPhone along so you will have to put up with less than gorgeous shots. Later on I will shoot Gene "Black Lipstick" and give her the attention she truly deserves.
This post will feature mostly photos I took of dolls (really?) in the "museum" which showcased most  prior Jamieshow releases and the new basic dolls soon to be available.
Please click on the photos to see large versions.

In the museum:

 I missed getting photos of Madra, Phoenix and Trent.

The New Basic Jamieshow Line is due to arrive in July, 2015. Pre-orders were taken. Dolls are $400. each.

Companion Dolls were $475.




Ayal Armon's Collection

Limited Edition


Wig Caps

Ayal's Workshop


Everyone who signed up got to choose their convention souvenir - either the 20th Anniversary Gene or a Fifth Anniversary Jamieshow doll.

The presentation began with a series of clips from Lauren Bacall's movies and then the Lauren doll was revealed. She came in two different color dresses.
At first I did not look upon her favorably. I thought she was very harsh looking although there was a good resemblance to Lauren Bacall.

Since then I have seen her in different wigs and she is an excellent likeness when there's softness added. As can be seen in this beautiful photo by JinCincy.

And then the BIG shock came when George showed "Black Lipstick." I knew it was going to be something special but I never expected this gorgeous creature.
There are a few who own the original Grey Lady and they are not happy with this new version as they say they were told theirs would never be made again. I think if I paid a premium for a doll that I believed would never be reproduced, I'd be pissed, too. 

Mike posted this original magazine picture of the Charles James' gown upon which Black Lipstick's fashion is based.

If you don't know the back story of the original and only vinyl Grey Lady produced by Integrity Toys...
Gene appeared in many black and white films. This doll was made to look as if she came right out of a black and white movie.
It's obvious that someone on the manufacturing end chose the wrong color for her hair, unfortunately, and she did not come in just shades of gray. 
There were very few of them made (20 or so) and they were part of a design contest. They were then auctioned off for the benefit of ? Integrity Toys? 

A friend loaned me his vinyl Grey Lady for a shoot a few years ago:

I will do two more posts on this event. One will be our experience in Chicago outside of the hotel and the convention events themselves.

The other will be photos of Black Lipstick. I'm gonna need a lot of energy because I've already pulled several outfit changes for her to model. I'm so tired but she is so interesting and I do feel motivated. This hasn't happened in a long, long time.