Coming Soon From Kingdom Doll: Brunel

The next gorgeous doll from Kingdom is soon to be released.

The announcement:
We would like to officially introduce you all to Brunel the last doll to use the Novantae head sculpt. This is just a sneak peek at our NEW KD girl all her information will be coming in the next few weeks. So many of you have fallen in love with Novantae this year and you are probably wondering why we are retiring her after only four dolls. This head sculpt was only ever intended to represent the four seasons, Brunel representing Autumn/Fall.
Do not worry as Kingdom Doll is only getting started, with many plans already underway to delight you moving forward into the future!


Agnes Von Weiss Gift Set Saga and Amazing Deja Vu Repaint

It's been pretty quiet doll-wise around here which is not actually a bad thing.

Here's long version of what happened with my pre-ordered High Visibility Agnes Von Weiss Doll Mini Gift Set:
1. The first shipment to me of my two sets were shipped to some location in Delaware. By that time I had heard about the mold and other defective issues people were reporting and I was very wary. I wanted to cancel my order but they would not refund my deposit so I agreed to accept a new delivery.
2. The two new dolls arrived, both with glaring defects. Customer service agreed to replace both giftsets and sent me a return postage label.
3. The third shipment of dolls was worse even though, according to Alain, Percy himself inspected both dolls. One doll had mold down her dress and heaven knows where else. I was afraid to touch the doll. The other doll had a large patch of unrooted hair.

The shipment back to them contained four sets of dolls and I received a full refund.

What a waste of time for me and a sorry state of affairs for them.

Here's hoping that the Fifth Anniversary Poppy Parker Joyous Celebration dolls do not have any issues. They should be arriving any minute.


The most stunning repaint I've ever seen of a Deja Vu doll was posted on Prego today.

This is the work of Leslie at Sands of Fire. She has achieved major realism and depth. The open mouth looks appropriate on this face. She could be Cinderella before being turned into a princess. Beautiful!

The link to the post on Prego: http://members5.boardhost.com/prego/msg/1413511439.html
There are several other photos of this doll who has been sold to the highest bidder.


Heads-Up, Sasenachs! Outlander Dolls by My Immortals

The FX television series, Outlander, has captured my imagination and that of many others. It has motivated me to read the books which are huge. I'm on #4.
Susan Hook, the artist behind My Immortals, has recreated Claire and Jamie by repainting Tonner's Lilah and James Dean dolls.
Check these out!

Link to Susan's website

The stars IRL
Heughan is a hottie. Phew. Claire is very pretty. Normally they are not so clean - in the show, that is.
I love the series and the books. Hopefully Tonner will produce a Claire and Jamie. I'd want Jamie in full Scottish dress. Sigh.

Dougal MacKenzie is pretty hot himself.


Fashion Teen Poppy Parker 2014

 This year's collection from Integrity Toys includes four 16 inch Poppy Parker dolls.

Sunny Splash $120
Fashionable Suited $140
Ma Cherie $140
Floatiing Dream $140

I am trying to find something I like about them because it's certainly not their duck bill lips. Seriously, do these dolls sleep with clothespins on their lips? I pucker up every time I look at them to see if I can even get my upper lip that close to my nose.

The jewelry on Floating Dream is very nice. The gown is very much like something Tonner has dressed Tiny Kitty in. In fact, I have dolls dressed similarly who are much more adorable in 10" size than Miss PP Teen queen.  Oh so Barbie.

Fashionably Suited is wearing a beautiful suit. Other than the aforementioned face, she is a lovely doll and my favorite of the lot.

Sunny Splash comes with some cute accessories.

Each doll is priced at $140. except for Sunny Splash who is $120. I'm not familiar with these dolls' bodies so I do not know what other clothes fit them.

 Next year's prototype, perhaps?


Elise, Agnes, Vanessa and More

I may not love the Agnes sculpt but I do love giftsets. When this set was revealed during the W Club Online event a few months ago, I pre-ordered two of them. After a slightly torturous wait - my package was sent to some address in Delaware or Maryland - I finally got them today.
Sadly, both doll heads need to be replaced. I have not even deboxed to examine the rest of the package contents. I'm trying to figure out how, if I wanted to keep these NRFB, would I ever be able to do so without shipping the entire package back to IT at my expense. (Another $10.xx.)

I am very unhappy about this. It's never happened to me before. Yes, I've gotten a few defective items here and there but over the years, it hasn't been this bad.

I expect to receive dolls that I would feel comfortable reselling - even if I'm not planning to resell. I would never offer these dolls for resale.

So...the first doll has it really bad. She's got a big shiny spot on one cheek, a short tuft of hair coming out of the center of her first row of rooting and one of her irises and corneas is much larger than the other. I get the feeling that this may have been a returned doll as the net looks as if it had been pulled back. Her hair was messy.

The second doll has a torn earlobe! That's a new one. At first I thought it was pierced twice but when I looked with my glasses on, I saw that it's just a jagged tear. She, too, has had her net pulled off and has messy hair.

I don't understand them selling items like this. With shipping the dolls cost $140. plus change each.
At this point, I do not want them.

I have written and sent photos to 'patient' care asking for replacement heads that are 'perfect.' I don't need to hear that "no doll is perfect." Actually, I have many perfect dolls so that's bullshit.

I've read that some who purchased this set have found mold on their dolls. I'm not deboxing until I have to and then I am hoping there is nothing else to find that needs replacing.

Fingers crossed.

On other topics concerning Integrity Dolls...

"On The Rise" Elise Jolie arrived last week. The doll herself is lovely as are all the Elise dolls IMO. I was dismayed at first by her stiff hair but it's not something that can't be fixed, if I care to fix it. What I didn't like was the cheap jewelry and accessories. The belt has a small metallic button affixed to it's front which droops downward so you don't see it's face. Something without a shank should have been affixed to this belt. The shoes are a touch weird.
I carefully pressed the dress and gave her different jewelry, shoes and a handbag. The dress works without a belt.

Here are a few more photos of Elise and one of Cruise Control Vanessa wearing Adele "Vivid Encounter" 'perfect' ensemble.

Yes, this Vanessa has been rooted. She could use a nice repaint as well to fix the blue and silver shadow around her eyes.

If you don't remember what CC looked like originally, here is a photo by Lisa (momohuny) from her flickr photostream.
Pretty bad.

Yesterday I had a 'play date' with another collector. We spent a lovely few hours yakking about dolls, people and everything else under the sun.

She knew I was looking for a nude Capucine Silkstone and gave me one! Here she is modeling the 2014 July fashion I just received from V. Jhon.

I've purchased many, many of V. Jhon's monthly fashions. This one was disappointing quality-wise.
It looks OK in the photo but the main hem and many of the other raw edges of the garment are pinked. Not what I expected. Maybe it's just not finished? I think I'll write to him. The outfit is intended for FR2 but, as you can see, fits Silkstones quite well.

Here is a promo photo:

Update: I received an apology from patiend care and they are sending me two brand new dolls plus a coupon for return shipping of the defective dolls. That's a good thing.


Gianfranco™ Ken® Doll

Gianfranco Ken® doll sports a brushed cotton blazer featuring black flocked trim on the lapels and pockets, button details at the sleeves and a silky black lining. Underneath, is a white tailored shirt, narrow black satin tie and dark indigo jeans with turned up cuffs. Perfetto!

Designed by: Robert Best
Release Date: 10/1/2014 

The mole stayed.