Integrity Toys' Next Move - Katy Keene!

Integrity Toys is stepping back in time - to my time - in a new partnership with Archie Comics.
Katy Keene!

When I was a little girl, my aunt and I used to draw and make clothes for our Katy Keene cut out dolls. These are very fond memories.

The question is...would I buy dolls based on these dear memories? Integrity's announcement says, "the new Katy Keene collector doll line promises to bring something exciting for all of her fans, old and new alike."
Well I'm old and I was a fan. This is going to be really interesting.

It would be cool if Katy's fashions were vintage as she began in the 1950's, kind of like Gene Marshall.  Will she have a body like the women of that day had? That includes breasts, hips, thighs, arms with some meat on them.  Or will she be a stick figure?

There was no mention in the preview announcement as to whether or not she will be 12" or 16".  I know a lot of collectors who would love her to be produced in 16".

Are you not familiar with Katy Keene? I'm going to guess there are many who collect FR dolls who aren't.

Link to the many posts on Pinterest featuring Katy Keene:
Katy Keene on Pinterest

Link to a great site for Katy Keene comic book covers.
Cover Browser


Chewin's Website

Those of you who are fans of Chewin's work, as I am, may already know that he has a website which showcases his fashion and wig offerings.

The work ranges from underwear to historical to sportswear to formal wear to shoes. Doll sizes range from 1/6 scale Fashion Royalty to 1/3 scale dolls.  The prices and the quality are excellent.
His hard cap wigs are stunning and he will use your preference in colors if you don't want the one shown.

On Prego today he posted a beautiful OOAK bridal fashion for an EID size doll.

Here are a few more items currently available on his site.

Go see for yourself!   http://www.chewingallapa.com/


So Many Conventions; So Little Time

All you need is time and a lot of money and you can spend the next few months going from one doll event to another. There is something for everyone.  A few events are just one day luncheon gatherings. Others are five day marathons.

The upcoming Star Trek convention is not on the list but I've always wanted to go.

I have compiled a list of most of the upcoming events with links to information and registration. There may be others so if you know of something, please post it in a comment with name, date and link to registration.

Italian Doll Convention - May 16-17 - Milan, Italy

Anime North - Canada North - May 22-24 - Toronto, Canada

Jamieshow Gene Celebrating 20 Years - May 22-24 - Chicago, IL (Sold Out)

Tonner Doll - May 29-31 - Dallas, TX

Pullip & Dal Doll Lovers Event - Jun 6 - Elk Grove Village, IL

International Fashion Doll Convention - Jul 8-11 - Las Vegas, NV

Superdoll USA Collectors Convention - Jul 16-18 - Beverly Hills, CA

United Federation of Doll Clubs - Jul 16-19 - Kansas City, MO

Madame Alexander Doll Club Convention - Jul 29-Aug 1 - Dallas, TX

National Barbie Doll Collectors' Convention - Jul 29-Aug 1 - Arlington, VA

Ball Jointed Doll Collectors' Convention - July 30-Aug 1 - Austin, TX

Blythe Con - Aug 9 - Vancouver, Canada

Sandra Stillwell Presents - Aug 20-23 - Chattanooga, TN

Volks LA Dolpa - Sep 5 - Los Angeles, CA

Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention - Sep 11-13 - Madrid, Spain

4th Annual Ken Doll Mini Convention - Sept 17-19  - Chicago, IL

Modern Doll Collectors' Convention - Sept 16-19 - Reno, Nevada

Sybarites in London Oct, 2015
To Be Announced
Blythe Convention - Oct 18 - Chicago, IL

Integrity Toys - Oct 21-24 - Long Beach, CA (sold out)

MetroDolls Celebrating 10 Years - Oct 4 (Luncheon) - Iselin, NJ
Wilde Imagination Convention - Oct 16-18 - Framingham, MA
Link to be announced as registration has not yet opened.

Tonner Con UK - Oct 30-Nov 1 - Lincoln, UK

St. Louis Ball Jointed Doll Convention - Nov13-15 - Overland, MO

Roma Fashion Doll Convention - Nov 28-29 - Rome, Italy

Can't help it. I love these guys. RIP Leonard.
Sir Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy


Shantommo Couture: Dark Fantasy Collection for 12" Dolls

In the endless pursuit for edgy and fashionable and affordable fashions for my dolls, I have become enchanted by Ryan Liang's creations. This is his latest collection called Dark Fantasy Collection 2015.

Description (each dress is pictured two times in the photo above.)

Raven Rouge: A one-piece bell-shaped high neck dress.

The Paris Affair: A two-piece outfit. Peplum top and pencil skirt.

Midnight Tangle: A one-piece dress and leather belt.

Dark black fabric with shiny faux fur. Accessories are not included.

Each fashion is $58. plus $8. postage.

Visit the Shantommo website to see many photos of his stunning work. 



The Next Kingdom Doll is Eira

Alexandra posted Eira's photo on Prego earlier today and the reception is, not surprisingly, very warm. I love this doll already.

Here's what Alex said:
Her name means Snow in my native language of Welsh (as many of you know I am from Wales) Amanda and I think she has a Snow White quality to her face/look hence the name......hope you like her.
 No other information was available.

Why Buy Anything?

Tomorrow, April 15, the Little Red Dress Barbie Doll will be released for sale @ $75.  I am impressed with neither the fashion nor the price.

Here is Mattel's description:
Barbie doll is simply stunning in an ensemble with dramatic details and highly detailed accessories. Ready to make a grand entrance at the next soirĂ©e, Barbie doll wears a coral satin evening coat with a cape-like collar over a lipstick red cocktail dress with tiers of flirty chiffon. Star-worthy accessories include a coral satin cocktail hat with feather trim, black stretch charmeuse shirred evening gloves, along with golden rhinestone earrings and a matching floral cuff. The finishing touches include a pair of glossy d’Orsay stiletto pumps and a glamorous updo. Doll is cast in Silkstone and features the original 1959 Barbie face sculpt.

For the first time since I've been a Barbie Collector member, I did not use the $20 quarterly credit. I tried, believe me. There is NOTHING that interested me enough to spend $ in order to save $. Ridiculous, isn't it?

There is a Silkstone coming in August called Lavender Luxe. She may join the tribe...or maybe not.  For an additional $24.95 (compared to Little Red Dress) you get a long-haired redhead wearing a gown that looks like it took some thought.

The jury is still out on Boucle Beauty, left.

I do like the suit, her cute face and the hairstyle and while they certainly don't look alike, Boucle immediately reminded me of Afternoon Lunch.

Silkstone "Blush Beauty" is a pretty doll however her outfit is, again, unremarkable and nothing new.

 She can't compare to the 2001 "Ravishing in Rouge," whose fashion is similar but so much nicer.

Like several other companies, the cutbacks in quality become evident when one compares the dolls produced 5 or more years ago. Diehard Silkstone collectors need to tear themselves away from the fantasy and take a long hard look at what they're buying now. I had to do that with certain segments of my collection and it wasn't easy but why buy anything less than great?