Ficon Girls Get Camera Time

First day of Spring? Not here. It's snowing. Again. We're nice and warm inside.

Here is Ficon's Ms. G Black wearing the fashion from Ficon Fierce and a wig by Cheryl Wood. Her bracelet is Franklin Mint.

This edgy fashion is a two-piece suit with rhinestone buckled belt. The shoulders are embellished with silvery metal cones and chains. In contrast, the armholes are finished with multi-layered tulle providing a bit of softening contrasting with the angular cut of the top.
Her clutch bag has a textured almost glittered feel; it is not glitter, however.

The shoes are black strappy faux leather heels with a zipper up the back. Sadly, the zipper won't go all the way up. I tried.
This photo showed me how bad her pedicure is. I can fix that easily.


Ficon "Bonita" is modeling Ficon's fashion "Wrinkle" dress and vest. The fabric is a faux snake and a stretch fabric which is ruched. The metal cones appear on the shoulders again. The belt has a large silver buckle.
Stunning wig is also by Cheryl Wood. Clutch is Superdoll.


  1. That red dress is something that would make a great addition to the wardrobe. You are on point that the tulle softens the hard metal studs just right. The pose over one of Madra's dogs fits the mood so well. Those dogs have turned out to be more fun than I originally thought. Right now, I have De Metier perched on the end of a shelf with one hand petting the one with the straight back, and the one you have pictured standing next to her.

    The Wrinkle outfit is not particularly appealing to me, as I tend not to be a fan of a whitish monochromatic look. This one is more interesting due to the texture and belt/purse, though. This is another beautiful wig, and Bonita's makeup is one of my favorite looks: Dark lip, smoky eyes. Just beautiful.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Troy. I love Madra's dogs!