It Pays to Pay Attention!

I sell doll stuff on eBay occasionally. Today I received this lovely message from a buyer who had just received his purchase:
From: XXXX
To: golden_country
Subject: XXXXX

Sent Date: Jan-02-14 18:18:09 PST
Dear golden_country,

I just wanted to pass along a sincere thank you on the wonderful way you packaged this item. I have had expensive items come folded, in a next day letter envelope without so much as paper around it, but sincerely, thank you for treating this like a real first class transaction! I was surprised and shocked when I got it and opened it and saw the care that was taken. Anyway, there's not enough space to put that all on feedback but wanted you to know you are clearly a step way above the norm! Very much appreciated!
- xxxxx
I package things the way I would like to receive them. 

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