Demi-Ginny and Rory Riot Llewelyn

I rinsed out and combed Ginny's rooted wig cap and it helped somewhat. I twirled it while it was still damp and let it dry flat on paper toweling. It looks much better. I eliminated some of the more difficult frizzies in Photoshop.

Ginny is wearing a gown by SL Doll. (Sanglian Lu, Xiamen, China)  She was gone a long time but I see she is now selling on Etsy.  "Sanglian's Homework"  There's not much listed there but she's worth checking out from time to time.

With Ginny is a Jem line doll called Rory Riot Llewelyn.  His hair was on the wild side. I dunked it in boiling hot water and then combed it out and let it dry straight. It's held back with a ribbon. Rory is wearing an Homme suit and Fashion Royalty ID tag jewelry from forever ago. 

The original Rory, below, definitely did not fit into my collection. I was able to purchase him nekkid.
IT Promotional Photo


  1. Riot does have some crazy messy hair- I had some luck with a mini curling iron... he makes great arm candy for Ginny!

    1. Curling irons are too risky for my taste.

  2. Thanks for this tip, Terri, I was horrified when I first Ginny's wig; never had seen such a messy wig on a new doll. Have seen better wigs on Goodwill Barbies, LOL! (Her dress was pretty bad also). Her saving grace was her lovely face. Your photo of Ginny is inspiring.