Chinese Factory Worker Can't Believe The Shit He Makes For Americans

W Club members received an email explaining the situation with the factories in China. They reported that due to "changes" there is a high turnover of employees resulting in fewer employees who are now overburdened and need training. Another consequence is that less items are being produced and waiting periods are longer. Higher prices come along with this.
I vaguely remember that Jason said there would be a mini-collection at the end of the year. I assume that will not happen. 

The image above is one of many from a very interesting installation by photographer Michael Wolf. The caption under the image is the link to the story and more pictures about toy factory workers in China in 2004. Hopefully conditions have changed. 

Also announced :
-Integrity's "Toy Fair" will be held on-line (again) and they said the event doll is awesome.
-The 2011 convention will be held in Schaumburg, IL on October 6—8 with a cocktail reception on the evening of October 5.
-There will be a club exclusive Poppy Parker doll.

Link to the article in the Onion: 
Chinese Factory Worker Can't Believe The Shit He Makes For Americans

 *Note to Trolls: This article does not say that Integrity makes shit. 


  1. Wow, interesting article Terri. Since those people seem to be so miserable making items for "Western Pigs", it sure would be nice if we could have all of those jobs back in the United States. What do they care what they are making? Factory work is factory work. So many Americans would be grateful at the chance of having those jobs back in the US. Sigh.

  2. LOL! Insightful article. I do agree that some of the stuff are ridiculous. I don't get the banana holder, but one of my Asian friend had one, so it's not just American who buys useless things. I do agree that very few things are made to last. I think it's mostly a class issue as well. Most factory workers in these countries comes from poorer background, but the middle class I am sure have as much useless stuff as Westerners. Just my two cents. Don't send me hate mails.

  3. @ edmondlives - Are you going to work 60 hour work weeks for $21 ??? Not me.

    You do realize if the dolls were built in the USA, we would be forking out $500 a doll. If we're lucky.

  4. There on thing i don't understand. If the factory problem will make the doll will have higher price , why have they said at the convention the Fashion royalty dolls will be LESS expensive next year ? Factory ask more money but the dolls will be cheaper ? HOw is it possible ? They will sell the dolls nude ? Without make up ? Face paint ? Hair ???

    How strange.

    Second thing , if Integrity know the factory will take more time to deliver dolls. Why Integrity don't ask for dolls sooner ???

    I'm not in business but a child could understand that. And each year they have problem with the delay. So it's not new.

    So 2011 will be worst. We will have Anja around march april , the w upgrade doll in june/july.... Really stupid.

  5. but to add the my last statement, from what I understand of Chinese society, which I admit is relatively limited, it is undergoing many social changes. In many of the bigger cities there is a growing consuming class to which this factory worker to as being piggish.

    I wonder how this will effect our collecting hobby in the upcoming years?

  6. wow
    that is a big issue
    will the dolls be delay this year

  7. At Convention it was mentioned that "Integrity / FR was going back to producing Quality products"

    Prices are sure to go up. Dolls would certianly cost more, made in North America. It's a no win situation... unless we stop collecting new dolls and enjoy the ones we have. LOL.

    Interesting post, Ms. Gold.

  8. "The Onion" is a satiric news source. So the linked article "Chinese Factory Worker Can't Believe The Shit He Makes For Americans" is not the truth but a funny read. I love the Onion!

  9. That article is from The Onion. It's not a serious news source. Just look at the other articles it's published. It will make you laugh.

    Not only is The Onion not serious, it even makes fun of printed tabloids like The National Enquirer and The Weekly World News.

  10. The article is, of course, satire.