2005 Fashion Royalty - A Fashionable Life - Vanessa Perrin

The year was 2005 - a year of amazing Fashion Royalty dolls including:
 Born to Gamble Kyori
 Flirtatious Veronique
Bodacious  Adele
Age of Opulence Isha

Amazing gift sets including:
Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa

Ginza Blond and Redhead Kyori

A Fashionable Life Raven and Platinum.
It was also the year for furniture including the chaise, coffee table, liquor cabinet and bed.

I started collecting FR in earnest that year as well. I got the platinum AFL right away but it took several years to get her sister. This week, they were both redressed in Talking Drama Adele's gown. I dyed the steel blue version.
I love these dolls. There is something about handling the 'older' Fashion Royalty dolls and redressing them that is very satisfying and comfortable.

 I think I'll do Poesie next.


  1. Simply gorgeous. AFL Vanessa's are a holy grail of mine as well as BTG Kyori. Love what you did with the TD gown. Maybe you should add Flame Blue Van and make a trio shoot.

  2. @Stratos
    I like that idea. Now to find another gown to dye.

  3. I think both 2005 and 2006 were great FR years (too bad I was far away on knowing the dolls and the Club though)

    I absolutelly *love* what you did with the AFL's... wonderfull photos!!

  4. Wow! Another fan of your work on that gown, here!

  5. Lovely pics Terri.. I love them with their new bodies!

    Now when I look at their little crypt keeper claw hands on the original Voyages bodies from around 05, they look weird to me.

    Really nice to see them refurbished! True loveliness! Thanks for posting them.

  6. I like that FR is doing trendier clothing, but at the same time they need to really bring it with classic outfits and looks at the same time like the ones in this blog post. Perhaps NuFace needs to be the hip and hot young Hollywood socialite line, FR2 be the trendy stuff you see on the runways and FR needs to keep it classic. IDK.

  7. @edmondlives:
    I agree with you. That sounds like a great plan.

  8. Beautiful pictures of beautiful dolls. I actually saw the AFL raven just before my friend sold it. She's a gorgeous doll and the giftset was great and if I could have bought one, I certainly would have. These will probably keep their value a LONG time. Thanks for posting pictures, especially the close up of raven's face.
    Rita in CA

  9. Stunning dolls an pics! Great dye job too!

  10. Finally I was able to get Platinum AFL, soon she'll be here to be with her sisters raven and Flame Blue. I enjoyed your blog, pics, redresses of your beautiful AFL's.