Paul Pham's Devon

This doll has the most beautiful body of any doll I have ever handled. Every part of her is gorgeous. I started out the photo shoot with her fully clothed and wigged and finished up with her in her birthday suit, bald and still looking stunning.

The body blushing is perfection. She poses very well which is extremely important to me. I am completely thrilled with her.

 Devon is a 16" resin BJD. She is one of Paul Pham's new Numina.


  1. Thanks for the nude pic Terri with an "i"!!!
    I have yet to handle one of Paul Pham's doll , but I am seriously concidering this one, I only don't like the knee joints, but I guess is somthign I should be able to live with!!

  2. @Dolling_Boy: As always, I appreciate your comments. I do believe Devon was sold out.

  3. She's gorgeous Terri! I was on the fence about her but passed this time. I love the Numina girls though. The only thing I dislike about Devon is her necklace! Great pictures as always :-)


  4. yupe she is totally SOld out. But I am sure some will pop up FS on the boards, I know that several were used as "payment" by FDQ to thier "contributers" so I am sure those will be FS soon enough!!. This is the first of Paul's dolls that has somethign so unique that amkes me want her, I just wish the good offerigns weren't all released in december when money is all allocated in other thigns!!

  5. Hello Terri!

    Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs.

    I had e-mailed to Pat Henry from FDQ and had to find out that this Numina Devon was sold out-
    hello rbaker, no hard feelings!

    But I was asking for a shipping method different from USPS and so didn't immediately buy the

    Then I wrote to Paul Pham and received such a nice answer telling me that there will be more Numina Depvon dolls, and he'd be pleased to ship e. g. by UPS.

    As my Graphic Content Paris doll disappeared from tracking on 24th November, I made up my mind to have non EU merchandise shipped to me by some freight carrier who will take care of (German) ustoms formalities for me.

    The increase in shipping cost will well compensate for the kind of trouble I now have.

    So in the end, this turned out fine for me.

    Even though I adore this Numina Devon of yours.

    As for the knee joints, those and the elbow joints are the most intricate to design, and there'll never be a satisfying solution to this problem when you make a ball-jointed-doll.

    Best regards


  6. @Dollng_Boy:
    Well you have insider information, don't you? Hehe.
    Mine is staying.

  7. Hi, Terri,

    Thanks for the pictures!!
    The knee and elbow seem to be double jointed?
    I like this feature; for the doll is more posable.
    I also like the smaller head and long neck!
    (love the necklace, myself)

    You know, Petra, mine was supposedly here yesterday,
    but did not show up. The tracking has been dead since
    16th. Maybe due to the holiday traffic,,, UPS may take
    longer but more reliable! Now I see Terri's pictures,
    I can hardly wait to see mine in person!!


  8. Hello rbaker!

    Hopefully your doll turns up soon!

    I simply can't understand this, as there's
    Christmas every year.

    What I wanted to say: the higher shipping price will be compensated by less trouble.

    And in international shipping UPS/FedEx/DHL etc. are much faster as weeks of customs induced waiting for the private customer will be cut out.


  9. She's beautiful! I love her dress.

  10. Hello, Terri,

    Devon finally arrived in a heavy rain. The shipper box was all
    wet but inside box was ok. My god, this doll is just so gorgeous,
    beyond comparison with any other 1:4 scale dolls. (I have,,,)

    The dress, accessory, shoes, and a wig, everything is wonderful!

    I thank you and your mail magazine for this wonderful opportunity!


  11. @bbaker: OMG...you are so lucky that the wig and outfit were not damaged. I don't think the doll would have been hurt if it got wet but the silk and other fibers could have taken a bad hit. You need to talk to your mailman or whoever delivered that package about where to leave packages in bad weather.

  12. Terri, you always do great photos!

    I have the same necklace in silver from Asher of New England. Does yours also lace up the back? I had to lace it up myself after receiving it from him. That took forever! Who's For Dinner will be wearing it for a while!

    Fran in NYC

  13. @Fran: Thank you.
    Yes, Devon's necklaces were made by Leigh - same as yours. It laces up. The only problem I have with it is what to do with the 16" of lace when the neckpiece is on the doll. That's a problem.