BIJOU, the New W Club Exclusive Avantguard Doll

Wow! This week has been spectacular for 16" dolls in my collection.
Bijou is the latest Avantguard doll from Integrity Toys. She's been on pre-order for what seems like an eternity. When I saw her at the convention I was very happy because she looked great. Now that she's here, I can confirm that she is the best looking Avantguard since Goldmine. I'm basing that not only on her face but on her fashion as well. In fact, this may be the most beautiful AG fashion yet.

The fabric feels like silk chiffon. It varies in color from hot pink to hot orange and somewhere in between. I should have steamed the gown but I was too lazy. It fits her like a dream. When I post a picture of the back of a gown, you have to know how beautiful it truly is.

The black embroidery is in scale and nicely applied. Her shoes aren't my taste but they are different and well made. You will have to use the adjustable toe foot to fit into these shoes.

The metal rose jewelry has shown up on enough dolls already. Time for a change.

The single misstep is the cut of the wig. I get the idea; it's supposed to be shorter in the back and gradually lengthen towards the front. In the picture above you can see the background color showing through the wig around her neck. Normally I'd Photoshop that in to match the hair. I would prefer to have the cut of the wig be more even at the sides as it gradually gets to the back. But I do have other wigs.

If you're on the fence about this doll - jump now. She's a keeper.

I do have an extra one for sale. Email me.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Mine arrived yesterday and I agree she is amazing. A question on the dress. Is the filament that loops from the bodice around the neck supposed to remain? I can't see how to redress her without taking it off.
    thanks Will C.
    (still tech challenged and trying to figure out the url thing)

  2. @Wil
    Yes remove them when you want to take off the dress.

  3. These are beautiful pics of a gorgeous girl, Terri. Enjoy!

  4. She is gorgeous. I saw a recent photo on flickr of a Jamieshow caucasian body and a avantguard head. It looked amazing. There was only two photos but I ran to my computer and begged my sister to buy me the body for xmas. I have FreezeFrame and I think her head will look great on the JS body. But I fear on removing her head? How do you do it safely?

  5. @Sage: I have to admit that I've never replaced an Avantguard head! I'm guessing that the head needs to be heated gently to soften the neck opening in order to be able to remove the neck knob without cracking the vinyl. If you know how to remove the heads of other dolls, there shouldn't be a problem with this one. I use a heating pad folded over the head (turned sideways to protect eyelashes.) I put the pad on high and it can warm for 20 minutes or more to get nice and soft. Once the head is off, immediately work it onto your new body. The Jamieshow body is excellent.