New Tonner Exclusive Cami & Jon Outfits

Just when I thought I had enough...

Tonner announces two adorable Cami & Jon outfits today.  I have enough doll stuff.  Don't I?

A Capricious Beat Outfit Only $89.99
On A Whim Outfit Only $79.99
Both fashions are designed to fit the 16" Antoinette body. I have found that Antoinette's fashions will also fit Avantguard and Gene dolls.

I want them.


  1. Elisa Espinoza12/15/10, 2:40 AM

    Hi Teri:
    How do you organize everything so you can find things? I'm trying to organize and store dolls at the same time, yet clearly don't understand the find art of how to organize dolls together to find ones that I want to either play with, sell or find the clothes that match. Your expertise on how to do this would be helpful to me and probably to other doll collectors who organization skills, like mine, are not my long suit.

  2. Love this so much!! I want them too~

  3. Adorable! They remind me of Anthropologie fashions.

  4. I want them both! Wonder how many pieces they made? LauraLA

  5. @Elisa:
    You are assuming I'm organized. LOL.
    I use storage containers. My dolls clothing has also taken over an entire armoire in the bedroom and the bottom of a closet. I use all sorts of storage and I keep outfits in boxes as well. I do not have dolls put away except for one vintage collection. Limited display space is helpful in controlling the amount of dolls I keep. It is also frustrating.
    My doll stuff is way more organized than the rest of my life which should be a good indication that I am not the right person to teach organization skills.
    Good luck.

  6. I need both of these outfits.. need.. such a funny word. LOL
    Thanks for posting these Terri!

  7. Terri, what you said above about your doll world being more organized than your own, I am so right there with you.