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"It's not about winning free stuff it's about spreading joy."  Sassy Packrat
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*All are welcome!

It’s simple. You have something in new or unused condition that you would like to give to another doll collector. Post it with a photograph and brief description including the size of doll it’s for, etc.
Then the first person who posts MINE under your post gets the item. You contact them off the board to pay it forward.

That person then posts an item including the same information.

Please follow these suggestions:
1. Post a photo with a description including where you are willing to ship the item. Please make your items things you would be happy to get if that were the case.
2. Please don't claim another gift until yours is claimed. Feel free to post another if your first doesn't go quickly. Let others get in on the fun! If you have won something that makes you happy, please give other folks a chance before you pounce on the next goodie! Kindly remember for every item you win you need to give something away.
3. Once you claim something, be ready to post your "Pay It Forward" photo. No one is policing this, so please play nice and post as soon as possible. Within the hour would be nice.
4. All giveaways should be shipped within a week. With the holidays upon us this might be difficult for some. If you are running behind, please let the person who won know, so there is no stress over this.
5. Any questions, please contact Patricia in SLC or Terri/NY. 

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  1. It's a wonderfull idea, I just posted 2 items... going to think if I have something else! :)