Quarterly Rewards Are A Terrible Thing to Waste

I know many read and agreed with my post in which I pretty much trashed the Fiorella Silkstone. As the end of the first quarter of the BC.Com was coming to an end, I desperately searched over and over again for something to buy there. On March 17th, they offered a discount of 17% off everything. Between that discount and my $20. reward, I ordered Fiorella. Before shipping, the total came to $21.50. Shipping added another $9.95. 
My thinking was that I would sell the nude doll and the outfit and that I would at least break even without losing my $20 reward.
Of course I was expecting a freaky looking doll but was pleasantly surprised that she looked better than her promotional photos! That was a first.  I shot a bunch of iPhone pictures which follow.

I don't remember getting a Silkstone in a black box previously. Is this something new?

She's a nice looking Silkstone. Her forehead is not as pronounced as it appears in the promos. 
Her hair is a lovely blend of blonde with platinum and is in good condition, front and back.

She is protected with sewn-on crinkly plastic material from neck to knee. Earring protectors are in place as well.
Dress closes with snaps. The belt is attached to the dress.
The only issue the doll had - her shoes do not go on over the heavy stockings. I dont' know if it's clear enough to see but the shoe is rubber-banded on even though the foot doesn't go all the way in. If I were going to keep her, I'd take the black knee-his off anyway.
I did sell the doll and fashion separately and came out ahead but I'm still disappointed that there is nothing I really want from Mattel. Three more quarterly rewards to go and I do not need a Barbie cake plate.


  1. The black box looks pretty sleek IMO, but not the first time they use a different color on a silkie box. The "Russian" line has red colored boxes. As for the doll herself she is lovely and I do hope it will change (even if slightly) your opinion of her. I do recall you were pretty harsh on her, calling her a "big mistake". Anyhow she's a sweet thing and I can't wait to get myself one.
    On an unrelated note, you might consider getting her sister the Dulci. (My nickname for her. Personally I call the Fiorella as just Fiore, LOL!) Between the two I like Fiore better but I do hear many people preffering the Dulci so would love to see your take on her..=)

    1. Did you actually read the entire post? I ask because I don't understand your "hope it will change (even if slightly) your opinion of her."
      And, I don't agree with your opinion of my initial opinion.

    2. Perhaps I read it wrong, but I recall you saying things like these that to me is pretty harsh:

      "I apologize to those who like her but this is one of the worst Silkstones ever. Fiorella is the definition of a hot mess. She looks like she got dressed in a thrift store with pieces thrown together from a shower curtain, a Spanish dancer, a street walker and a Cupie doll. What possessed the designer (Robert Best) to top it all off with two cutesie bows in her hair? He must be losing it."

      and another one:

      "Fiorella means little flower in Italian. Big mistake is more like it."

      It is from your previous post. And from your own admission here you "practically trashed the Fiorella Silkstone" which, I assume is the one from which I quote above. If I cause any offense, then I'm sorry. I only thought that you seem to dislike this doll so I'm hoping you would like her better now that you see her IRL.

  2. I too am disappointed that the quarterly dividend will go unused. There is nothing I want on the website at a price I will pay even with the $20 off. (Which I look at as $10 since shipping will be in the $10 range.) Even the gift given this year (the credit card wallet) was a comedown from the dress forms.

    BTW, with the 17% added to the $20, the third science fiction doll would have been $42.25. Laughable.

    1. I threw that 'wallet' away. What a piece of crap. It was insulting.