Introducing Black Vanessa

Her name is really "Second Skin" Vanessa. She's the first ITBE doll I've ever purchased. (Integrity Toys Basic Edition.) You may remember back a few short years ago when the first ITBE dolls came out, the dealers practically had to pay collectors to take them off their hands. You can easily see why.
IT has stepped up it's game. The general Fashion Royalty line, recently announced as discontinued, has been transformed into the new ITBE and it's been extremely successful. The dolls have been limited to 300 each and purchase is by lottery win only. Retail price is $75. plus postage which comes to a little over $81. for me. The sculpts have included such classics as Isha (as a ghost)
and now, the original Vanessa as a black woman.

None of the other sculpts, except Monogram, Lillith & Anja which were never changed, is the original sculpt. That's too bad because Adele's original and second sculpt were quite beautiful. Kyori's sculpt was perfect as it was and so was Natalia's.

Anyway, back to black. If I were going to change anything, I'd do her lips a different color. I think her hair is beautiful. The basic black dress with the red belt and red shoes are just fine.
For now she is going to stay in her box until I decide where she belongs.


  1. I don't know why they don't call that doll Luchia instead of Isha and stop complaining she's white. Anyway this Vanessa is pretty, is kind of weird seeing her with dark skin but it's ok, I just don't like her lip color.
    While I agree about the sculpts not needing any "update" (Mayebe with the only exeption of Vero, She's the only one I never liked) I am annoyed that they can't keep "retired" stuff well retired. Is annoying that while we are digesting the update of faces and body they keep releasing original headmolds sans name, is that irritating only for me?

    1. Hi LuiZ:
      I'm sure others are annoyed and I can understand why. But I have come to terms with their fence hopping. They keep doing what they do in order to make money. I don't take it personally and that makes me so much happier.

  2. You know what, I'm with LuiZ, it is confusing.
    I do like her lip color, and she's a pretty doll, but I think Jordan may have pulled this look off better.

    1. Absolutely! I hope hope hope Jordan is resurrected. ~ib

  3. Congrats, Terri for getting her in your hands. (= ~ib