Picture of the Week Award ~ February 28, 2010

There are no dolls to be seen in this week's Picture of the Week but they may enter at any moment and look fabulous in this 1/6 scale hall/gallery diorama. At first glance, it looked real to me. Then I recognized the acrylic doll stand bases, the Fashion Fever mannequins and the wig stand. What made it look amazingly realistic was the lighting and the reflections on the shiny floor.

This wonderful scene was created by Alejandro Torres. I asked him to describe the picture and here is a summary of his response:

"With one snap of the camera, I justified not throwing away years worth of assorted plastic crap. I think like all of us, I have more Polyvinyl Chloride lying around the house than is probably healthy. I'm minimal about everything in my life except when it comes to my dolls and anything to do with them. When it comes to dioramas, I always see things as what they can potentially be in respect to a doll display. In the picture in question you see Fashion Royalty wig stands, the block bottoms of FR doll stands with Fashion Fever packaging parts in repeating patterns. The large mannequins were purchased for their wigs and then I was able to use them in another way. The walls are foam board and the elevator door was constructed by me."

This is more justification for us pack rats who are buried under stuff!

If you go to Alejandro's Photobucket album you will see not only photos of his dolls but more dioramas with and without dolls and other wonderful photography. I highly recommend taking a look.

Congratulations, Alejandro, on the Picture of the Week Award!


  1. I am honored you selected some of my work. I greatly enjoy reading your blog. - alejandro

  2. WOW This picture is AMAZING and the PhotoBucket album equally great

  3. I am in awed of this display, I still can't figure out how it was truly done. Brilliant!

  4. That is an amazing picture, Alejandro is very gifted.