Blue Horizon Gene

My dream...dance like Ginger Rogers with a partner like Fred Astaire.

Blue Horizon Gene
was a 2008 Gene Convention exclusive. A recent sale at Cherished Friends made her affordable enough to get this doll that I've wanted since I first saw her.
She is everything one could expect of a Gene doll - beautiful face, full head of stylish blonde hair and a theatrical fashion with plenty of bling. This Gene is breathtaking!

I had one problem...both shoes are for the right foot! Now here's a question. Integrity Toys guarantees their dolls to be free from defects for one year. Is my doll still under the guarantee? I got her from an Integrity dealer this week. She was released more than one year ago. I would like a replacement shoe.
Why can't I get a perfect doll?

With Love From Ginger,
Listen to: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails by Fred Astaire, from the album Dancing Cheek to Cheek


  1. Beautiful doll - hope you find the "right" shoe!

  2. cute baby doll. Great style!!!!

  3. The blue color suited really well, i really liked it a lot