Preview of Tonner's 2015 Mainline Release

Tonner released a small selection of dolls and fashions last week including their new Jupiter Ascending line.

Here is the plot of the 'space opera' written, produced and directed by The Wachowskis.
This information is from Wikipedia.
The film is centered on Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a down-on-her-luck janitor, and Caine Wise (Channing Tatum), an interplanetary warrior who informs Jones that her destiny extends beyond Earth. Unknown to Earth's residents, life on Earth and countless other planets has been seeded[13] by families of alien royalty[14] for the purpose of harvesting the evolved living creatures once they reach a "Darwinian state of perfection" to produce a type of youth serum that allows them to live forever.[15] When the matriarch of the House of Abrasax, the most powerful of the alien dynasties, dies[9] her children Balem (Eddie Redmayne), Kalique (Tuppence Middleton), and Titus (Douglas Booth) are at war over the inheritance. Eventually a new heir comes to their attention: Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), an unsuspecting, Earth-living, unlucky caretaker of other people's homes.[16] Jupiter encounters Caine Wise (Channing Tatum), a genetically engineered interplanetary warrior, who came to Earth to reveal that her genetic signature makes Jones royalty and heir to Earth. Meanwhile, he has to protect her from Balem, who put a bounty on her head and would rather harvest Earth than lose it to Jones.[17]

LE 300
LE 300


There will also be a male doll as the character Caine. That doll's photo was not ready at press time.

Next there is one basic, three dressed Diana Prince dolls and four outfits. 

Diana Basic $99.99
Special Agent Diana Prince DD $189.99
Diana DD $189.99
Golden Princess DD $179.99
Winter Princess Outfit $99.99
Stars and Stripes Outfit $109.99
Beauty and Strength Outfit $94.99
Beyond the Stars Outfit $99.99

Two Gone With the Wind 16" Dressed Dolls: $199.99 and $214.99.

One dressed Tiny Kitty.  $149.99

One Oz doll who sports the Wicked Witch head sculpt on the 19" Wilde Imagination Evangeline body. $209.99

Last (and possibly least) a Gift Set of two dolls - Snoopy and Belle. $274.99

IMO the Mila Kunis sculpt (Jupiter) does not look like her a all. The doll looks much older than Kunis.
The Caine doll at $189.99 LE 300 might be interesting as Robert's male dolls are usually pretty hunky and handsome. If he looks anything like Channing Tatum, he might be in the running to join my tribe.

I am getting the Diana Golden Princess outfit and seriously hoping I'm not disappointed. The basic Diana is quite pretty and I'm sure we'll see lots of repainted, rewigged versions. But she still has Tyler's body and I don't buy dolls like that anymore. I have enough to last me for a while (forever.) $99.99 for a basic doll in a swimsuit. Yikes!

Of course, most dealers give $15. off the retail prices. If they don't, buy your dolls elsewhere.

I'd love to see the Beyond the Stars outfit IRL. I need to take a ride over to Cherished Friends and take a look.  I visualize the suit with a different belt. I love the fur hat. What's under that jacket?

How many of you are rushing right out to buy Snoopy?


  1. Tonner keeps getting these interesting movie lines and then making underwhelming dolls. The Mila Kunis doll looks just like a generic Tonner face. And the outfits which look stunning in the film's trainer are underwhelming on the dolls. The red and white dress especially the headdress remind me of Christmas decorations. To me the best move line Tonner did was the Harry Potter one. Best likenesses too.

    I'd love to hear more of your opinion on this, especially the Jupiter Ascending line. Your familiar with so many different doll lines what do you think is happening with the new Tonner stuff which seems so hit and miss lately

    1. Curious...why don't you sign your name?

  2. I really love those Jupiter outfits (although I have heard the movie was really dumb!). The sculpt is pretty but I agree it doesn't look at all like Mila. I am hoping that if the movie is a colossal failure the dolls might go on sale at some point...

    1. I'm hoping the movie is enjoyable. I love sci fi.

    2. I really hope so too- I guess they previewed it at the Sundance festival, but that is really NOT the right crowd so it is not surprising that the reaction was poor.

  3. I didn't sign my name because in the past when I've tried to have conversations with people about doll related topics things get heated. I sew so I do look at things in a more picky way and people don't seem to understand the difference between merely criticizing something and critiquing it. Especially when it comes to Tonner. And I do look at all doll companies work and see their good and bad points.

    I'm really looking forward to the Jupiter movie and was excited to hear Tonner got the rights to the dolls but sadly they leave me cold.

    By the way- we've met before and had a great conversation. Your dog was with you and he was such a sweetheart. I was so sad to hear of his passing. We lost our dog of 13 yrs last year and it was heartbreaking.

    I guess the bottom line is that I really do love discussing dolls with people in an honest way- good points and bad and so few people seem able to do that without getting emotional. And I do know that we love our dolls and our hobby, but I just wish collectors could discuss some things better.

    1. Thank you for your honest reply and for the condolences on Rudy's passing. Yes, he was a sweetheart.
      The reason I hesitated to respond is that in my past experience many anonymous posters who criticized Tonner's line turned out to be trolls. You are obviously not a troll.
      I am looking forward to seeing collectors' IRL pictures.
      Tonner has done some great work with movie lines and some not so great. This one...maybe not so great. Jupiter Ascending would make a great Christmas doll!

  4. Tonner seems to pick bad licenses.I agree she does not look like Kunis at all. Channing would be cool but not how he looks in this movie. Overall not impressed with this line. Hoping to see Sydney back. How about giving us a GWTW doll in an outfit that has not been done? Or heaven forbid a new character!
    Still waiting for Tonner to bring back the fashion witches, maybe adding a fashion Dorothy or WW of the East.

  5. Ugly and overpriced. The two outfits on top (Jones and Ascending) are HIDEOUS. They look like something you find in the prom section of sears circa 1993. Stick a candle in them and wish happy birthday.

  6. There WAS a Tonner Wicked Witch of the East doll several years ago and it was lovely.

    The GWTW dolls have been done to death. In both instances, the Franklin Mint versions are superior to my eye in detail and accuracy (the hem of the "poor" dress is a tad...odd).

    I appreciate Robert Tonner's work (most times) but honestly draw the line financially on a $99 basic without a stand and $100+ outfits. The "licensed" dolls always turn out to be from lemon films--The Golden Compass, Bewitched, Get Smart, etc. etc.

    1. The Golden Compass dolls were excellent in every way.

    2. Loved the Golden Compass dolls!!! Also LOTR abd Pirates where pretty spot on. Plus the Potter dolls!!

    3. I do not much believe that things done repeatedly can become boring IF they are done with the zeal and passion as if done for the very first time. That's what reinvention is all about. For a GWTW fan, or a fan with passion for anything, a new release of a collectible is always exciting for the heart. Check the incessant and unrelenting discussion on whatever passions people have.
      I do agree that Tonner GWTW dolls have deteriorated to a point where I am beginning to believe if they're just doing it to get it done. The hairstyle, the face paint and very often the costumes fail to come up to the quality I personally expect as a collector and at that price point. I am not knowledgeable on the details of pricing and economies so forgive me if I trespass on sacred truths about these things. But allow me to express myself as a consumer, and as a fan of GWTW. The "Never go hungry again" had high-heeled pumps provided for the doll. High heels worn by a hungry Southern belle to traverse the red earth of Tara? She was supposedly poor enough to lie, steal or kill. These things are supposedly approved by the Franchisor (as explained to me). It's just sad that people lose the magic of things. I'm not after the doll, I'm after the dream. Sell it to me, like Selznick did, the way Macmillan did -- or maybe I'm just expecting too much. And if I do, then let it be said unto me as Rhett Butler said to Scarlett: "That is your misfortune!"

    4. Thank you for your comments.

  7. It seems to me that Tonner has decided to make dolls that appeal to a happy few. I agree with others who say GWTW and The Wizard of Oz dolls have been done to death. I'm certain running a doll company is difficult, but I would love to sit in on one of Tonner's creative meetings. Maybe he's just going with what sells but it is a shame he's allowed the Tyler line fall by the wayside.There are some great TV shows I'd love to see character likenesses of such as SCANDAL, GAME OF THRONES & HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER to name a few. I often wonder why he doesn't go after shows like these instead of the licenses he has. Of all the movie dolls he's made I think Harry Potter was the best.

  8. Tonner dolls usually looks good up close and personal really, I remembered how people were overly disappointed with how Rapunzel Disney looks when her promo pic was released until almost everyone says how beautiful she is when they got her, now you can't find her :/

  9. What an interesting thread!
    There are some glaring differences between the red dress in the movie still and the dress on the promo doll.
    I saw the movie yesterday and both costumes are very attractive....for the few seconds they are on screen.
    I'm hoping some of the talented repainters can work some magic on the face since it really does not look very like the actress.
    I am disappointed that they are still using the old bodies on these dolls.
    For the price they are asking I would expect at least the level of detail and articulation they are showing on some of their other lines.
    As for Snoopy and Belle.....I'm still thinking about "Fifth Ave. Pig" and "My Fair Piggy"
    As always love the blog
    Will C.

    1. I was so looking forward to the movie until reading many poor reviews.

  10. The movie lines aren't ones that I usually pick up, but a beautiful doll might persuade me. Like other posters, this line isn't terribly impressive in that the dolls don't resemble the actors. The Jupiter Rising outfit is interesting, though it isn't as refine as the movie picture suggests it should be. We'll have to see what the final dolls look like.

    The Diana Prince line hasn't disappointed me yet. The Princess of Paradise Island doll is beautiful, and all of the outfits have been excellent additions to the 16" wardrobe. Right now, Langtry is wearing Undercover and looks great. I'll be picking up the new outfits as well, and hope I can find the dressed doll ensembles separately.

    I have liked the Tiny Kitty outfits I've seen, but I've always been put off by the dolls with the pulled back hairstyles like the one pictured. They just look odd to me for some reason. That was disappointing, because the wardrobe with its classic aura was really attractive. However, I recently came across the Basic Necessities Kitty with bangs and the pale blonde hair and couldn't pass her up. She was a good buy!

    As much as I like GWTW, the dolls aren't particularly alluring. Maybe they and other movie dolls don't appeal as much because I see them as pigeon-holed, whereas Tyler, Diana et al. have bigger imaginary universes to "play" in. Just my own limitations. :-)

    1. Thank you, Troy, for your comments. You add a lot to the discussion.