W Club 2015 Exclusive "J'Adore La Fete"

The final W Club 2015 doll has been announced and fortunately or unfortunately I have to order one.
It's an Elise Jolie gift set in a trunk, reminiscent of Fashion Royalty Kyori Ginza who also came in a trunk like this. I still have Kyori's trunk stuffed with story cards and COAs. 

The edition size will be enormous, I'm sure, as it's based upon how many the members order and there are a lot of members. Unfortunately it won't be ready until late spring or early summer of next year.
The price is $175. which isn't bad for a doll with three outfits: a gown, a suit and lingerie.

The gown looks black but it's dark wine with black trim. I love the suit.
I hope the quality exceeds our expectations.

 (I'm spelling her name with an 'i' no matter how many times it's changed.)


  1. I love the gown. I expect a very very very large edition of this gal...