MetroDolls Event: Part III

John Davey is one of the most interesting characters you will ever hope to meet. He looks like a quiet, shy-ish guy but the minute he gets in front of an audience - woo hoo. He is funny. His presentation was about the vintage fashions from his collection that were displayed in a separate room connected to the ballroom. These were from well-known European and American designers and spanned several decades. But the best part of his talk was his story about trying on something. I could never hope to write the story the way he told it. It was a riot!

The souvenir doll an attendee could choose was either an Ellowyne or a Daphne. The photos below are Tonner's except for the boxed dolls.

The Ellowyne:

The Daphne:

I was asked if I won any auctions—I did not bid. Not that I wouldn't have liked a few of the possibilities. My favorites were Overwrought by Robbin Atwell, Cholo OOAK gown, Demuse by Nigel Chia, Gray Lady Gene, Laurie Lenz Paper Doll, JamieShow Gene "To the Manor Born" and Flutterwings by Shannon Craven. There wasn't a single one I did not like. I must say there were lots of bargains such as Emilia's Gres Inamorata which went for only $800. and Nigel Chia's Demuse which went for only $600. Many auctions ended well under $300.
Here are my notes on the ending prices. Reminder: you can click on any image to enlarge it.

I did purchase 100 raffle tickets and I won four separate pulls. The Gene outfits were one raffle offering. The Tiny Kitty dolls were separate and the Alex as Marilyn Monroe was another.  Thank you to the generous people who donated these.


That does it for the MetroDolls recap posts. Coming soon will be a mini review of Doug James' new resin BJD, Violett. I will also be photographing the MetroDolls outfits I purchased at the event and giving a little review. J'Adore Gene was hanging around without clothes so I tried "Smoking" on her. The pants and shoes fit beautifully. Unfortunately the jacket and halter neck top are way too big.
More to come.

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