Ninimomo sent out an announcement featuring their creations for the International Pageant Collection 2013/2014
Miss Phillippines 2013 was priced at $900. and is sold.
Replica gown inspired by Michael Cinco, the Philippines lead couture designer.
Their website states the following:
ninimomo's 2013.2014 collection has arrived! our international collection consists of over 350 one-of-a-kind couture delegates representing areas of the globe. from africa to europe, the caribbean to the middle-east, each delegate reflects ninimomo's exquisite workmanship.  join the multitude of clients that have come to love, admire and appreciate true quality. a ninimomo celebrates each doll's ethnicity, individuality, cutting-edge style, hand-sewn beadwork and highest quality in artist dolls around.
Note: I did not correct the lack of capitalization as I think they think it is a cute thing to do since they do not capitalize the name of their business. 

I'm at a loss for words.
I won't write what I'm thinking either except the word lampshade comes to mind. 

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