Gothic Dream Misaki Doll Collection

Photos of the new Misaki line were published today. Up first we have "Pure Evil Misaki."
Personally, I don't see the evil in that blonde hair, white costume and sweet face. She looks like an angel playing ringmaster. However her baton is black and silver and maybe it is an evil baton. ;)
I love the look of this doll. To me the edgy styling of the premier Misakis has returned and that's a wonderful thing. This collection will be wildly popular.
This is Witchie Witch Misaki. Who named these dolls? I love her hair - again it is reminiscent of Tokyo Here We Go. The boots are great-looking. The outfit - OK.
This is The Outsider Misaki. He or she is wearing a fabulous coat over jeans that are embellished with a wraparound knee strap and big cargo pockets . He or she is wearing a white shirt and a tie. I'm guessing it's a male figure but...I could be wrong. I could live without the blue/black hair but I suppose it ties in with the Gothy look. I don't see this doll as being dressed Goth, however. It's just a really sharp outfit a kid might wear to school.

All Images are courtesy Integrity Toys, Inc.


  1. HI Terri-
    The ure evil name is a play on words. "Pure" and "Evil" being opposite in meaning, yet placed together have a different meaning...I like it. I love her outfit. It is edgy and looks to be inspired from different eras of dress and style. Somethong a vampyre might wear after collecting favorite clothing across the centuries... She looks very sweet to me too.

    The Outside is a girl and I like her androgynous look. The overall look is very Japanese anime and a twisted version of a school kid's uniform. This one is my favorite.

    The witch is adorable! I do not like her parted lips, but that is easy to change. I want to see her without the hat and broom to see her less "costume-y" and more cute harujuku style.

    All in all I like them, but they are out of my price range. Maybe one day!


  2. Hi Darin:
    Thanks for sharing your information with me. They are adorable!
    I do hope you get your wish one day to be able to collect them.