7-19-08 Valia Adore Arrives

The mailman just delivered Valia Adore. Of course I immediately ripped into the packaging and opened Valia's 'luxury doll' box and I am pleased. She's quite pretty as a brunette in her deep rose and black dress. I was undecided before about whether or not I'd debox but I will take her out. I'd love to know why the coat is wrapped like a bouquet. The original Valia had her lingerie wrapped similarly and I thought it was so the lingerie would not destroy the minds of young children, God forbid they saw a doll with lingerie in the same box they would all become sinners or worse, but now I don't think that was the reason. Anyone have an idea? Perhaps it was to make opening the package more fun. The act of pulling open a bow could cause waves of pleasure to course through your body.

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