Waiting For Mortimer

Here is one of my new Evangeline Ghastly dolls. She is called Waiting for Mortimer. The little creature with her is a 5" resin doll called Bella. She's a bat.
Waiting is such a drag.
We'll practice our ballet moves.
Bella is clingy.


  1. wonderfull set up! I really like her eyes. You have so many props for your photos =) I'm curious on how your studio looks like =D

  2. @Ana: It's pretty much of a disaster area. Props, accessories, dolls and assorted equipment all over the place. It was my darkroom in the days before digital photography. It's a big, gorgeous room but filled up with stuff now.

  3. I adore Evangeline!! I purchased EG "Forever Ghastly" last year and I've been in love with her ever since. I also added Bella to keep Evangeline company (at my partners suggestion just before she was sold out). I wasn't sure I would like her but when the lid come off her hat box, I knew I wasn't mistaken in getting her. She has the cutest claws and wonderful batty ears and bright sparky eyes, I always worry that I may drop her and chip her little fangs, hehe!!
    But enough of my rambling, your photographs are beautiful and I love the way you have imagined them practising ballet together and that little bat Bella being shy and clingy- it's just soo sweet! :)

  4. @anna.k.75:
    Take off Bella's outfit and wig and you will love her even more! She's got a fat tummy and is so adorable. She can wear simple tube tops you can make yourself from a strip of fabric.
    Thanks for your comments.

  5. Really beautiful Evie...
    ...and Bella...!!! Longing to get her myself, she is adorable!