Post Holiday Sales

A mix of sale items follow. These shops have many other items on sale as well.

Regular price: $159.95Sale price: $79.95
Regular price: $159.95Sale price: $79.95
In my opinion, the above are two of the worst-looking dolls ever created.

Regular Price $229.95  On Sale $149.99
Fashion Doll Agency Angelic Dreamz Exclusive Petra Doll
Excellent price.

LE 305 $65 Sale $35
TV Ginny (Modern Repro) Two Day Dreamers  Large selection of Modern Ginny dolls at reduced prices.

Price Was $224.99  Sale Price $99.99
Antoinette Doll - Emphatic LE 250  Marl & B

  Regular Price $44.95  Now $24.95
My Favorite Barbie Collection - Black Barbie 2010  - Amazon.com Seller 
Prices for this doll are all over the place. This is about the lowest around.

Was $599.95  Special Value $229.95
A Fashionable Life Cissy   the Toy Shoppe
This is the lowest I have seen this doll. It was originally, ridiculously overpriced. Look at that fashion! I want it. There are other 21" Cissy dolls at lowered prices as well.

Originally $59.99  Now $39.99
The Toy Shoppe   Effanbee (a Tonner Company) Silver Sensation Daphne  (Left)
Doll has the older AR body without bendy wrists. This was a very, very popular doll that sold out everywhere. They must have been hiding in a warehouse somewhere. She is gorgeous!

It's a good time to look around for sales as most companies will be introducing their new 2011 dolls in a month or two. 


  1. *looking the other way*

    I just cannot see more bagains *lol* =) The Elfanbee doll seems pretty interesting! And so t«does the Petra, but a bit to slim maybe?...

  2. @Ana: Petra is like a twig. She is like no other doll as far as the body goes.

  3. I still can't believe I nearly bought the two Neo Cissys!
    I like them in the promo pics, but the actual dolls were a complete mess.
    I think the would have looked a lot better as full size Cissys, but maybe not! :)