W Club Registration for 2011 is Open

Registration opened for the 2011 W Club yesterday.  A beautifully put together brochure is available.
It is a PDF download. Check it out.

The Fashion Royalty upgrade doll is a tanned Kyori in resort wear. Images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.
Rising Sun Kyori $90. Plus Shipping (Plus $50 W Club Membership)

Hopefully, the designers will have the factory improve the fit of the jacket which looks awkward and ill-fitting in the prototype. I like big jewelry but this piece does not lay properly on the doll. The shoes look wonderful! Why no fabulous handbag?

The other optional upgrade doll is a rooted Avantguard with a new sculpt.

Spring Kissed $160. Plus Shipping (Plus $50. W Club Membership)
 It was a jaw-dropping moment to see this doll's face. Was she a giant Poppy or a super tall Dynamite Girl? Are the Avantguards to join the enormous ranks of cutesy teenage dolls?
Avantguard Compared to DG Neve
The rooted hair was a surprise. The fashion is very attractive; I want it for other dolls.  It seems out of character in this sophisticated line. I wonder what the top and shorts look like without the jacket on. Following in the wake of Bijou, this doll pales (literally) by comparison.
Collectors have been asking for a new AG sculpt. Is this what they had in mind?

I won't be buying the Kyori but I'm undecided about the AG only for the fashion. It's a good thing that I have until January 21, 2011 to make up my mind.

On a different topic that's sort of related, those of us who joined the 2010 Gene W Club for a year got only 6 months. We definitely should be compensated in some manner.


  1. I am so underwhelmed, it's not funny! It's getting very easy to pass on IT dolls lately

  2. if u look closely at the ag doll
    she looks like dyanmite girl face mold jasper,tj and dani

  3. I think the face on the AG doll actually looks like a Monogram. I think she's really pretty, but I don't collect 16" dolls. I toyed with it after seeing this doll, but unfortunately - no room.

  4. I like the new AG. Not even close to Bijoux or the early AGs but much better than the pink and orange feather jobs this year. I wouldn't want a lot of big Poppys but I would like one. I'm giving it a lot of thought.
    Will C.

  5. Think both are rather bland! While not a fan of the AG, I do like that in the past they have pushed the envelope, and have been truly "avant guard!" if not wannabe haute couture. Sadly, Integrity has not translated their brand well, they do 1:6 scale well, look at the reissues of AG and Gene in that size... something is seriously lacking in the larger doll.
    I want to know what happened to the back story, either real or imagined...their dolls no longer transport me to another place. :(