Integrity Announces New Products

Members of the W Club received notification of the following Monogram dolls and an accessory pack:

This doll is called Discreet. Integrity says that is is based upon last year's doll, Disclosure. They are calling this one a companion doll.  $99.
Discreet on Left; Disclosure on Right (Integrity Toys Images)

Magnificent is a Dressed Doll who is wearing the same gown as the 2010 convention Smoldering centerpiece. The colors are different. This doll retails for $160.
If you don't have this gown, I recommend it. It's quite beautiful the construction is wonderful.
"Magnificent" (Integrity Toys Images)

The Accessory Pack includes the resin bust, wig, hat, handbag, shoes and jewelry. Retail price $75. (!)
(Integrity Toys Images)
An interesting addition to the W Club email was the announcement that Integrity would have a booth at IDEX. Sounds like they are joining the world of doll manufacturers. Will there be surprises? Will the W Club get all the information before anyone attending IDEX?  This is going to be very interesting.

Are you going to pre-order any of the above offerings?  I made a decision two months ago that my Monogram collection was complete and unless something amazing came along, I wouldn't be adding new Monograms. I'm going to try to stick to that! I'll let you know how that goes. LOL.

I did treat myself to a new Cissy. It was an impulsive act and I blame it on my friend Ana whose shipping buddy I am. She had me order a bunch of stuff for her last week from Two Daydreamers which I did. I also browsed their excellent sales and unfortunately I did not escape unscathed. I ordered the 21" Vice Cissy. She had been residing on my wish list for almost one year. I know I will love her when she gets here but she needs a poodle instead of that whatever that dog is.

Vice Cissy ~ Madame Alexander / Jason Wu


  1. I was able to preorder Discreet. I primarily collect brown dolls so my Monogram Collection is small (Smoldering and Brillance). Discreet is the prettiest Monogram IMHO outside of the AA Jeffery models so I just had to have her. I also got the accessory pack mainly for the hat and wig.

    I am interested in how IDEX will work as well. The newsletter states club members would get early sneaks of the dolls to be shown at IDEX.

  2. I think that dog is a pug and they are little cuties

  3. Are there any pictures here? I click on the area but get a 404...

  4. @meghan: You shouldn't have to click anywhere to see images. They are right in the post.

  5. Terri I don't know if I should apologise for making you buy a new Cissy doll, or not =) hehehe!! I mean.... you're loving her, right? =)

    As for the monograms, they are not for me, but I sure loved Discreet... I hope I can put my hands in her outfit later when she starts popping out on the boards!