Hypnotic Antoinette

I caved and finally got Hypnotic Antoinette. I've had her fashion for a long time but she kept being put on a back burner and I couldn't find a nude at a decent price. This time I found a dressed one at a fair price and I was able to sell the outfit.

Here she is modeling Gene Marshall's Spotted in the Park. This outfit is from a dressed doll and, as far as I know, came with only one black dog. Mine came with a white dog, too.  I purchased the fashion from the late Ben Grundfast's  estate. The shoes are Antoinette's own.

Note added on April 17, 2012:
I've been told that these dogs are originally from a separate accessory set. They are called Dottie and Dashiell. What became of the original poodle, I have no idea. I think these are supposed to be Scotties.


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    1. Thank you, Alison. She is such an engaging doll. I love her.