The Centerpiece Dolls; Jason's Talk - 2010 Fashion Royalty Integrity Convention

The first centerpiece was at dinner on Thursday night. She is called Smoke Screen Dania Zarr. I thought it was Agnes as her hairstyle and makeup are very much like that of Firefly Agnes.

Smoke Screen Dania Zarr 2010

Integrity Photo (Exposure Adjusted by Author)
 This doll is styled in a way that's been used often on FR dolls this past year - multi-level, multi shaped and multi-styled pieces in mixed fabrics. It's not my favorite style. I don't see any grace there. I see mix and match and cute but not classy.

The Friday afternoon luncheon saw a lovely Poppy Parker "Shadow of a Smile" as the centerpiece.

Poppy Parker "Shadow of a Smile" 2010

Integrity Photo (Exposure Adjusted by Author)
I have been told that this gown is a black (dark blue?) version of the beautiful off-white "The Look of Love" fashion currently available at dealers. [Correction: The gown is deep purple and black.] Her adorable red hair and irresistible face made this a delightful centerpiece.
Integrity Photo

Friday evening we were treated to the sight of a gorgeous doll called "Provocatrice" Anja trapped inside a cage! She is extremely sought after by collectors. I wonder why. Could it be that she looks like a version of Veronique? Hmmm....why fix it if it ain't broke?
We love Veronique and she is going to be relegated to the base of the pyramid of Fashion Royalty. More on that hint from Jason later.
Is this red fabric with black lace the same as was used on the Agnes Giftset? I don't have Agnes here anymore so I can't compare.

From Agnes Giftset 2010

Successful Ascension 2009
"Provocatrice" Anja

Integrity Photo (Exposure Adjusted by Author)

Saturday afternoon's W Club Luncheon saw Elyse Jolie "Dark Swan" as the FR2 centerpiece. The last time Elyse was seen was as the convention souvenir doll in 2009. She was such a gorgeous doll, so well dressed that I haven't touched a hair on her head or a thread of her fashion.
Elyse Jolie "Blue Blood" 2009 Convention Souvenir Doll
That one had the regular Fashion Royalty body. The new one has been moved to the FR2 line.  She's wearing a little dress with a skirt which stands out due to a stiff crinoline. Her cropped jacket is double breasted. She comes with lace ankle socks, a brown rectangular handbag and very nice shoes which look better sans socks. All I can say is OY VEY.  Did anyone actually look at this doll's ridiculous hairstyle before letting it out of the gate? She sports a long, fat braid with frizzy ends. The top of her hair is center parted with one side out of the braid that's been cut shorter and curled. Did you get that?  This character went from sublime to ridiculous. There is no grace or class.  How does the train case styled, poopy-brown handbag fit in here? The FR2 have Barbie length eyelashes and underarm gripper stands.
Dark Swan Elise FR2
Dark Swan Elise FR2

The Saturday night table centerpiece is my pick for the best doll of the lot. She is called "Smoldering" and is a dark-skinned Monogram doll. Her gown is absolutely magnificent and quite obviously designed by someone who knows how to drape fabric. It is two-tone and feels like brushed satin. Just gorgeous!!! This doll is classy and graceful and I'm so happy to have her in my collection.
I wish they would have done something with her hair besides chopping it into a short, style-less do. She definitely needs to be wigged.
Someone had started a thread on the W Club board questioning the absence of a dark-skinned doll from the Monogram line. And now we have one. I wonder if there will ever be a new Monogram sculpt. 

Jason's talk on Saturday night was enigmatic, as usual. What I got from what he did say was that there was going to be a restructuring of the Fashion Royalty line. The prices would go down. Veronique will appear in that restructured line. He said they would be "growing the brand," a big marketing expression. Whatever.
He stated that there would be a return to fine-tuned details, great accessories, shoes that look like real shoes, etc. He said this last year related to the Monogram line. Why is it coming back? Where did it go? What exactly do we have now?

Alain pranced around the ballroom with a microphone to get to those who wanted to ask Jason questions.

Drawings were held for those whose winning tickets were pulled. Actually, the drawings were held behind closed doors; the winners were announced. This year the tickets had to have names on them. You couldn't just rely on the anonymous numbers which are printed on the tickets. To avoid the appearance of impropriety in the future, all drawings should be in public in front of those who spent money on chances.  This is a pretty serious issue and should be addressed.
This is not to say that the staff has favorites or resentments. Ahem.  It just looks bad.

More will be revealed.


  1. Very interesting about the drawings. Reminds me of one the message boards where the same people always win their drawings.

    The Monogram Centerpiece is my favorite as well. I am happy that I was able to get her at a great price.

  2. I didn't get last year's Elise Jolie and have always regretted in because I think the secondary prices are too high. I got the newly spelled Elyse FR2 as I was curious about the body and think she is alot of fun to play with although the old clothes do not fit her perfectly, but I am rather fussy about that. Now I wish I bought Dasha also.


  3. I couldn't agree with you more. The raffle was a joke, and I will never spend a dime on it again if they continue to pull winners behind closed doors. How is it possible that one person can win THREE of the raffle prizes? Not to mention that several other "winners" just happen to be very good friends of the Newsum/IT family. Something stunk in there and it wasn't Alain's cologne.

    Speaking of Alain his prancing and overall schtick is getting old. He prances around the entire weekend and looks down his nose at people like they're just a bunch of commoners. He'd be ashamed of himself if he knew better.

  4. @Laura:
    Thank you for pointing out that the spelling was changed. I kept thinking that I had the spelling wrong when I looked up my files from last year! I am very fond of Dasha although I have combed out her hair because the curls weren't as neat as I like.
    I always appreciate your comments.

  5. i love the new dolls like elise in the black hair and the aa fr2 doll

    i am actually wondering how much will the fr next year if they will lower the prices ?

    i know fr2 will be like 150-170 maybe

    also they said there will be a new line besides fr2

  6. I was thinking the same thing about the drawings- even though a friend of mine did win. So that was nice.
    Also, did anyone notice that Jason never really answered the questions from the audience? He sort of danced around every question- although he did say the Hollywood Royalty line was coming back, and that there would be an Homme for another line and there would be a fashion. But otherwise, he kept going back to "attention to detail, beautiful fashions etc" regardless of the question. If I were that person who asked who his influences were in fashion, I would have said "I appreciate that, but that's not what I asked."

  7. Some of the people who got to ask Jason questions worded their questions so poorly, that he probably didn't know what they were asking. I believe the person that was trying to ask that question was sitting next to our table.

  8. All of the integrity people need to take lessons in public speaking if they're going to stand up on stage. I mean Jason gave no answers and I don't think he was even paying attention to the questions, and Carol and Alain don't know how to speak on stage or engage an audience. Laughable. Then again most people just want them to stop talking so we can see the convention doll anyway. But Jason was a huge disappointment. He was at the convention for what, three hours max?