So what is FR2?

If only I could stop calling it FR two and start calling it FR Squared. The problem is that the numeral 2 is in the numeric form and not the squared form and I hated algebra anyway.
Fashion Royalty times itself. Hmmm...twice as good? Twice as expensive? Twice as hard to get?

I have played with Dasha the FR2 doll from the convention collection and I am very impressed with her body. First of all it's a very pretty body. She's got a lovely chest and graceful limbs. The range of movement is excellent. I don't like her hands. They're a little rubbery and the fingers are spread out.  That's useful for putting rings on her fingers but the other hands held things better.
My overall impression is that this body rocks! Congratulations to Integrity Toys for introducing a terrific body for 12 inch dolls. Now let's see the same on the Avantguards.

 Dasha's feet are a bit longer which makes many shoes from prior outfits unwearable. What I would do is carve a bit off the back of her heel. If done carefully and sanded smooth, it won't show. Or we could petition IT to tweak the mold and bring the feet back to the prior size. That won't work. On the other hand...all the shoes I have that were too big will now fit. Still, many of our older shoes will fit. The fit of the clothes remains to be seen.

I'm sensing that FR2 is the demarcation between the end of Fashion Royalty as we know it and a reorganization of their lines. And in a way it's an invitation to those of us whose collections are out of hand to back away from continuing to accumulate more and more and just concentrate on the finest dolls (and less of them.) In the last two years since the disappearance of Veronique, we have seen a big change in the FR line besides the introduction of the Monogram dolls. Many of the fashions have been less than what we had come to expect. Jason's absence was palpable in the Fashion Royalty line except in the dolls from the 2009 convention and some exclusives. But the FR2 line seems to be his work. Except for the styling of the centerpiece "Dark Swan" Elyse Jolie FR2 doll, they're all classy and beautifully designed.

These dolls come with an adjustable height stand that supports dolls under their arms. These stands are OK if the fashion is not heavy or doesn't  have a large skirt because the vertical support bar is up against the body and pushes the fashion forward from the rear. I'm glad I have dozens of left over stands from earlier dolls. 

What do you think of the longer eyelashes, larger feet, flat, spread-fingered hands and the new line in general?

They are not available for purchase yet and we were not told the date upon which they would be released.  I don't know how much they will be but I'm quite sure they won't be cheap.


  1. I really like them. At first I thought Dasha was pretty, but with an obnoxious look on her face. But then she grew on me. The hand thing is a little irritating, but at least they are handspeak and I've got extra matching hands. I have an Extra Dasha that I was planning on selling, but I'm thinking she might now become a Body donor to one of my favorite dolls.

    I think your review is spot on.


  2. DollGrrlTrixie11/5/10, 4:29 PM

    now... if they bloody well made PANTS for these leggy gals... i'd be happy.

  3. I am looking forward to the "new" Dominique!

  4. I'll probably always call them FRtwo because they haven't bothered to superscript the "2."

  5. I am completely excited about FR².

    I'm wondering if I will even bother buying anymore regular FR. I guess only if the head sculpt/hair/and eye makeup are a KILLER combo than can be swapped out for a FR² body. But how often does that happen (a perfect FR)?

    The ONLY thing that I am not thrilled with are the hands. I completely understand what they were trying to do, but they look like flippers. Very similar to the Barbie pivotal body hands. I certainly hope the evaluate the hands again. They are not graceful. I think I have enough spare graceful hands to compensate.

    I will be converting my most prized FR heads over to the FR² line. The others will become my "old" girls. The upfront costs will hurt, but the endless hours of enjoyment will be worth it.

    Do you see FR getting retired?

  6. @Alejandro:
    No, not retired; just relegated to the inane.

  7. I'm trying not to sound negative here but for the current price of FR or FR 2 dolls, there are Ellowyne Wilde, Tonner, etc that have better quality and more accessories. This might sound like blasphemy but these dolls look like articulated Barbies to me.

  8. I do understand why some don't like larger feet, but I think it's so cool that they are going more realistic with them. Tiny hands and feet are one of the worst things to do when you are drawing/painting humans, so why not in sculpting? :P Flipper hands I'm not too excited about, but at least they are flippers that can wear rings, unlike Sybarite flippers. There are other things that push me away from FR2 though, like the not-really-improved articulation and the ugly waist joint.

  9. I'd been eagerly awaiting your FR2 review, Terri. You most certainly didn't disappoint me one bit! Thanks for the information, impressions, etc. I currently don't have an FR2 beauty, but my desire to own one is stronger than ever now. That's a good thing ... right?

    Wil P.

  10. @Wil: Yes, it's a good thing. :-)

  11. Hi Terri,
    thank you for the review.
    new bodies look awesome indeed and I am looking forward to see them in person :) But feet and hands seem to be a dash of bitterness. I definitely do not like the flat hands. The only hope the dolls will come with extra hands.
    And I am not happy with the bigger feets. In fact it upsets me a little bit.it's not nice that older shoes become useless.We will loose a lot of redressing possibilities.
    Anyway the new dolls look awesome :)
    olga erynnis

  12. Hello Terri, They told Me that they are suppouse to be out by the end of the year and that the price range will be like the Monogram.....OVAZ