Too sick to play with dolls? Never!

In spite of the fact that I've been suffering with a chest cold and sore throat, I've been taking pictures of my dolls and redressing them.

Among the gals that is getting attention is Paul Pham's Numina, Devon. I cannot get this doll to look the way I want her to look. I can't pose her the way I visualize. I'm afraid that this type of doll just isn't for me. It's not the first 16" BJD that I failed to bond with. There is nothing wrong with this doll. She has a gorgeous body and a pretty face. I have nice clothes for her. I hate this feeling!

She's going to get two more chances to make me happy. No one stays without making me happy. Must be the medication.

Bergdorf Goodman's Fashion Night Out Doll: This is my third one and I have finally decided to keep one. She is quite pretty and I like her better without her hair braided. For some reason her hair was very fly-away upon receipt and she was NRFB! There must be a grinch in the factory with a dull razor scraping at hair instead of cutting hair. I trimmed it and there are still little shredded ends of hair. Ugh. But she stays.


  1. I love that Numina doll, Ms. Gold!
    I hope that you feel better very soon.!

  2. @James. Thank you for your comments. This is going on way too long. I do not like to be ill. It hurts.
    Waaaaa. (whining)

  3. Ugh - I know what you mean, although I have been too sick to play with doll... sometimes.

    also - love the pose with the camera. I have a Brownie Hawkeye ( and several other vintage cameras ) and had thought of using them similarly. Hmm.

    Get well quickly, please. :)

  4. Sorry to hear you are sick. Ugh. Have you tried "hot" colors on Devon? I think her skin tone and dramatic make up are probably a bit challenging. I have Asher and while she is gorgeous she simply can not hold a pose. Even more perplexing is that she has one knee that always pops into a bend. Standing up, lying down, it makes no difference, her leg bends?!?


  5. @Laura: Her skin tone is very challenging. Last night I put a blonde wig on her and dressed her in all black. We'll see what happens the next time she meets up with a camera.
    This is my only experience with a Numina since Grey who was impossibly kicky. They're getting better!
    Thanks for your comments.