The New Veronique Dolls aka Fauxnique

Shuga Shug posted beautiful photos of the new dolls today. She has graciously given me permission to post them here.
What do you all think of this new sculpt?

 I think it's a lovely-looking doll but it's not Veronique. The next issue of this gal will have applied eyelashes. I think they were testing the waters by not putting lashes on her. My favorite of the two is the raven-haired one. I like the color of her lips and her blue eyes.


  1. Remembering that Vero didn't have applied eyelashes for quite a long time.. I like the painted ones on this doll OK. There's quite a lot of shadow there. Less shadow and applied lashes might have been prettier.
    As for the face, I miss the almost smile.. I am glad to see slightly larger eyes than some of the more recent Veros had. I'm getting both blonde and raven dolls.. have no clue which one, if either, will be the preferred version.

    All in all, I can live with New Veronique a LOT easier than FAUXNESSA!! We were prepared for a new Veronique and she was missing for an objectionable length of time.
    Just. no. words. for the loss of the two original beauties though. They messed with the best of their entire foundation line.

  2. i like them
    she look like maybe a cousin of Vanessa and Veronique

    did you see this post Terri

    it a picture from Dante

    of Veronique and Vanessa


    they new Veronique look more like there a long lost sister of the Perrin 's

  3. This version looks old and hard. The blonde one looks like a alcoholic and raven one looks bitter.

  4. I think they look great. I havn't bought an FR doll since the ModPomps, but the raven-haired girl is speaking to me :)

  5. I think they are pretty, and I love the lingerie. They need lashes, however, and the really dark eyebrows might have been pained in a less heavy-handed manner.
    If I HAD to make a suggestion for improvement, I feel that they lack a distinctive facial expression. Aggie has the pout, Monos look haughty, etc. These dolls have a very generic look. Still not bad overall, though.

  6. Well, I AM a bitter, old alcoholic, and I do not look nearly as good as these gals! *hehe*

  7. I love her new sculpt; I even prefer this one over the original...

    Christie H.

  8. I like the blond one VERY much, and I was fortunate enough to get to buy her... I don't like the noir as much, neither the 2011 Breaking the Mold one version... maybe when I start seeing actual photos of them. But for now, this Blond totally rocks!!