All they did was shut her mouth?

Word has come down from above that all the Integrity Toys designers did to the Vanessa sculpt was shut her mouth. It was also stated that bad photography was the cause of the puffiness and apparent lack of cheekbones. Hmmm...that's EXACTLY what I said on  2/27/11. 

And it's hilarious in light of the fact that the liaisons at the W Club forum have shut the Vanessa threads down, too.

Mulder and Sculley in shock at the new IT 2011 line.
Did you see the X-Files episodes with the aliens whose mouth and eyes were sewn shut? Shudder.

 What I saw was sabotage:  disruption, treachery...
Lt. Valeris: Four-hundred years ago, on the planet Earth, workers who felt their livelihood threatened by automation, flung their wooden shoes, called sabot, into the machines to stop them . . . hence the word: sabotage.

This image means nothing:

Ana from Portugal posted an interesting Vanessa vs Fauxnessa composite.


  1. Fauxnessa... CLEVER! and that pic from Ana is a superb evidence of how people love the old sculpt... doing the extra mile just to prove that, the denial (from IT) was indeed a Fuax-ness-a. :)

  2. IT closed the Vanessa threads because the posters were attacking each other verses discussing the merits of the Vanessa sculpts. I think it was the right thing to do because there us a pervasive negativity that I have not experienced since the old W Club Yahoo group. I hope it stops soon.

  3. The second image is disturbing. I like it !


  4. @Jimmy: I googled 'sew mouth shut' or something like that and you wouldn't believe the images that came up...some way worse than the one I chose.

  5. Well I guess IT had the right idea when they dropped the story lines.....the collectors can supply enough drama on their own.

    Will C.

  6. BTW, I think "closing the mouth" qualifies as "changing the mold" ... the mods closed the Vanessa threads because of members' inability to hold civil discussions without some passive attack on others (prefaced by "I'm entitled to my opinion", "Everyone's entitled to an opinion", "What's wrong with my opinion? I'm always so positive!", etc.) This [a member's right to an opinion] comes up [ad nauseum] EVERY SINGLE TIME something new is released. And then usually followed up with "Three cheers for the IT team!" or "Thank you thank you for the wonderful job you're doing! Thanks for allowing me to spend my money on dolls I need to fix despite their high price tag, YAY!" The best part is when the pundits of industry chime in with all their knowledge of manufacturing costs, profit margin, etc. in defense of IT. Good grief ............

  7. @Anonymous...right. Heaven forbid the "pundits of industry", also known as people with business backgrounds and degrees (who clearly don't work at Taco Bell like yourself), try to add an intelligent spin to nonsensical requests (just make us more dollies, let's all sign a petition, yay!). Sorry, but applying logic isn't about defending Integrity Toys, it's just sharing another perspective. If you think so negatively of the W Club forum and those that post there, perhaps you should not read it.

  8. Well if all they did was close her mouth why state that they changed the mold. I swear a few of the past Vanessa's had their mouths painted close. Plus with this "new" Vanessa all it takes is a paint brush to return her to normal. I was more bothered by the hairdo (which is identical to Shirred Not Shaken and almost the same shade of red) & fashion.

  9. Censorship is always wrong.

    For years I have wanted Vanessa's mouth closed.. now if Adele would only do the same. LOL. It would save me a lot of doctoring on friend's dolls who want me to close their mouths.

    My father used to say "a change is as good as a rest". Maybe, her teeth are resting.