NUMINA SEN by Paul Pham

 SEN ~ Paul Pham

OK...Everyone can start breathing again.

This is the latest addition to Paul Pham's Numina line. I am posting Paul's complete letter here:

Hello everyone,

Most of you probably have already seen the pictures of Sen I've
posted on Prego and my website. Just writing to fill in some
information for those curious and those attending the convention.

Sen (vietnamese for "lotus") is a very limited artist edition
fully painted, sueded, and dressed by myself with a beautiful wig I
commissioned from PattaArt. Makeup consists of shades of smoky plum
framing grey eyes and complimented with luscious coral lips. She wears
a cape of black silk taffeta overlaid in gold chantilly lace and sequins
with a small cascade of hand dyed and gathered silk tulle. Underneath
this is a top of black sequined/beaded lace and a black snakeskin
brocade pant, hand appliqued with gold chantilly lace at the hem. Her
accessories include 2 sterling silver gold plated bracelets, a sterling
silver gold plated circlet with removable beribboned "lotus" flowers and
finally gold riveted platform mules.

This LE10 Sen will be a PRE-ORDER at the festival. I've been
working on this edition since January and unfortunately things always
seem to take longer than anticipated, but I've put much effort and
sumptuous material into Sen---hopefully you can see this in the pictures
and for those attending, you can see in person. She will be worth the
wait, I assure you. And its not much of a long wait, she will ship in
late April to those who have the opportunity to purchase her.

As with the previous years there will be a lottery, anyone
interested will be given a signed and numbered ticket at 11am on Sunday
March 13th. The lottery will be held at noon and the winning numbers
will be laid out on the table.

Sen will be 800Euro or 1100USD, but since it is a pre-order only a
50% deposit will be needed that Sunday via cash or Paypal. Contact and
address information will be taken from the winners and the balance will
be invoiced upon shipping.

Once again thank you so very much for the most heartening interest
in Sen and I hope to see some of you in Paris.
Sincerely, Paul  [http://dollcis.com/wordpress/?page_id=10]


  1. Thanks for the info. I wrote to him to see if there would be a chance to pre order outside of Paris and he didn't write back to me.

  2. i love this doll it so edgy

  3. Oh, Terri!! This is where I wish I were working or won the lottery. I generally don't like dolls like this one, but this one's exquisite!!! a true work of art.

    I think I like her without the headband and flower/ ribbons. So much going on everywhere else in her outfit, I wouldn't want to distract from that gorgeous face. sigh..........

  4. Well, very flashy.

    Have you seen the latest FDA girls?

    They are flashy too, but I like them better. For the first time.