JAMIEshow Convention - Gene Marshall 20th Anniversary

I haven't come down to earth yet!
I didn't take a camera other than my iPhone along so you will have to put up with less than gorgeous shots. Later on I will shoot Gene "Black Lipstick" and give her the attention she truly deserves.
This post will feature mostly photos I took of dolls (really?) in the "museum" which showcased most  prior Jamieshow releases and the new basic dolls soon to be available.
Please click on the photos to see large versions.

In the museum:

 I missed getting photos of Madra, Phoenix and Trent.

The New Basic Jamieshow Line is due to arrive in July, 2015. Pre-orders were taken. Dolls are $400. each.

Companion Dolls were $475.




Ayal Armon's Collection

Limited Edition


Wig Caps

Ayal's Workshop


Everyone who signed up got to choose their convention souvenir - either the 20th Anniversary Gene or a Fifth Anniversary Jamieshow doll.

The presentation began with a series of clips from Lauren Bacall's movies and then the Lauren doll was revealed. She came in two different color dresses.
At first I did not look upon her favorably. I thought she was very harsh looking although there was a good resemblance to Lauren Bacall.

Since then I have seen her in different wigs and she is an excellent likeness when there's softness added. As can be seen in this beautiful photo by JinCincy.

And then the BIG shock came when George showed "Black Lipstick." I knew it was going to be something special but I never expected this gorgeous creature.
There are a few who own the original Grey Lady and they are not happy with this new version as they say they were told theirs would never be made again. I think if I paid a premium for a doll that I believed would never be reproduced, I'd be pissed, too. 

Mike posted this original magazine picture of the Charles James' gown upon which Black Lipstick's fashion is based.

If you don't know the back story of the original and only vinyl Grey Lady produced by Integrity Toys...
Gene appeared in many black and white films. This doll was made to look as if she came right out of a black and white movie.
It's obvious that someone on the manufacturing end chose the wrong color for her hair, unfortunately, and she did not come in just shades of gray. 
There were very few of them made (20 or so) and they were part of a design contest. They were then auctioned off for the benefit of ? Integrity Toys? 

A friend loaned me his vinyl Grey Lady for a shoot a few years ago:

I will do two more posts on this event. One will be our experience in Chicago outside of the hotel and the convention events themselves.

The other will be photos of Black Lipstick. I'm gonna need a lot of energy because I've already pulled several outfit changes for her to model. I'm so tired but she is so interesting and I do feel motivated. This hasn't happened in a long, long time.


  1. Thanks for the report Terri. Can't wait for Black Lipstick to arrive. I'm even thinking of getting an Alejandro. Do you know if he can wear Trent's clothes?

    1. Trent is shorter and does have a different body.

  2. Hi Teri.
    Love your blog!
    I believe Mel said the hair on Grey Lady was tinted when the product used to style it yellowed.
    It actually is a true platinum.
    I think Black Lipstick is the best Charles James doll outfit I have ever seen,. (and Integrity did a great job with both Shadow Song and Stardust.)

  3. Thanks for the report, Terri! Looks like a lot of gorgeous things to see.

    Who is the raven-haired lady in the Basic lineup? It looks like.. Sophia? :o

    (This feels like a very expensive month...)

    1. I'm not sure. Sorry. It is a very expensive month.

    2. It is Sophia, but in a lighter skintone than the first edition done for Madrid. I missed the earlier version, and I'm tempted to get this one!
      "Juli DC" Riedl

    3. It looks like most of the ladies are newer sculpts: Sofia, yes, Natalie, Marlene and Linda (I don't even know who that one is). Pre-ordered Sofia -- happily, she's apparently the same skintone as my Eshes. Optional hands for everyone!

    4. I believe Linda is supposed to be the model Linda Evangelista. I'm sure you will be happy with Sofia.

  4. Oh wow, those costumes! Black Lipstick is really lovely!

  5. Hi Terri, What a nice surprise that you included a photo of me in your blog! I'm still on a doll high from all the fun we had! By the way, I have a Grey Lady that I adore, and I'm thrilled about the creation of Black Lipstick and being able to have her now too. The Grey Lady Genes were auctioned for charity, as was the first edition of Oona with raven hair, which I also own. I think the beneficiary was The Harbour House in both instances. Anyway, Integrity Toys later produced Bellweather Oona for their final Convention, and I don't recall anyone being upset about that. In fact from what I recall, most people were happy they had the opportunity to purchase this character. In spite of the fact that there are now two more JamieShow versions of Oona, it's clear she remains quite popular as she was the first doll to sell out in the Jazz Hot Sales Room. I don't think the later editions of either Oona or a grey Gene devalue the first dolls made, because they were in fact first, and thus remain revolutionary.

    Best, "Juli DC" Riedl
    PS: Sorry I'm having to respond as "Anonymous", none of the other selections allow me to log in.

    1. Hi Juli: I agree with you that the dolls are not really devalued at all.
      Regarding the 'anonymous' thing, it happens to a few of my readers but signing the post is just as good.
      Thanks for your input.

  6. Seeing so many pictures is terrific! Gives a quick overview of the line. The one of Lauren in a different wig demonstrated there may be more to her than I originally thought. I really disliked how severe she came across. She was still a pretty easy "pass" in what you and Andi have rightly pointed out has been a fairly expensive time for dolls, and we're not finished yet. I was seriously considering Violet, but I just didn't like the dress. I'll probably regret it later, like I did after the first one sold out, but I think I would rather pay more for the first version if she is available during a "lull." Same thing for Sophia. The only doll I pre-ordered from this set was Alejandro. So few of my 16" set are males (just Tonner's Andy and Sean), and Alejandro was quite magnetic. Instead of more dolls, I picked up the trunk and a two of the Ayal Armon fashions.

    JS remains a good medium point for BJDs between the Tonner/Integrity and the Sybarite/Ficon/Kingdom Doll/etc. sets. However, the increasing prices do give me pause. That factored in on passing on Violet and Lauren. They don't appear to come with a lot of extras, and for only a $100 or so more I could buy Emry or Dione -- if I were quick enough. For some reason, $450 seems to be about where the line is for me where I would rather spend more for that boutique doll. Still trying to figure all of this out!