"Black Lipstick" Gene as Grey Lady

This was the 20th Anniversary Gene souvenir doll we received at the Jamieshow convention in Chicago this past weekend. She is a 16" resin BJD. Some people chose another doll. Gene was quickly sold out as were several of the companion dolls.

I have altered the black & white images below using Photoshop.

The Dimitha fur stole was a table gift. It is actually gray toned. 

No doll can resist Rudy.


  1. She's exquisite! The Jamieshow Gene's put the originals to shame...and I really loved some of them. Two things I find distracting though, the yellow hair (I know its consistent with the first "Grey Ladies" but it seems very discordant to me and the "pot holder" gloves. Since the new Genes have the option of switching out specialized hands, such as black or white glove hands, I don't understand using the mitten gloves, certainly not a doll with this level of design and detail.
    Love the pictures and as always....love the blog.
    Will C.

    1. Last night I changed her wig and outfit and she has become a different doll! I agree with you about the gloves. I was surprised as well. The wig is actually platinum but photographs with a warm tint. When I took it off last night and compared it to other blonde wigs, it is more colorless than all of them except the platinum ones.

  2. It's a beautiful gown and a great concept, I love the new articulation of this Jamie Show Gene, however, I'm absolutely partial to the Integrity Toys headmold for Gene, It´s a little more cartoony, yes but I also find it much more true to the character and with more personality, this one seems old and with less charm, I don't know what happened there, as they did a beautiful job with all the other characters.
    Love, LuiZ

  3. Thank you for your comments.

  4. She looks absolutely stunning. It might be worth paying more than I have so far to see what she is like in person -- at least I *might* consider it. Love her with Rudy, who provides a nice pop of color. It's nice to have a little reminder. :-)