Tonner 2015 "Guilty Pleasures" Convention Part I

It's really great that the Tonner people are posting the event dolls on their FB page even while the convention is under way.

So far, my favorites are from the break out event called "Wilde Tea Party."

Vintage Tea Ellowyne $165.00
Vintage Baker Pru $165.00
Vintage Kitchen Lizette $165.00

I also loved the Special Exhibit of vintage dolls which included Sweet Sue and Miss Revlon.  Credit for photos was not posted.

There were some very special early Barbie dolls as well on display.

Opening Dinner Event - "Rockabilly" attendees were dressed in square dance attire and received this doll:

Dixie  LE  200   $165.00
Kit head sculpt and Chic body
Maxine  LE  200   $165.00
Magnolia Sculpt and Chic Body



  1. I might be wrong but I'm pretty certain that the Barbie shown in Wedding Day is from the reproduction set (with Ken) Mattel did several years back.

  2. The "Rockabilly" girls...... from the Dita Von Teese collection? I don't know what to say, so I'll be quiet now.

    1. I'm being quiet, too, cause I'm not there and know nothing. :-)

    2. Well..............never say never...... ordered both, but Maxine WILL go on a pin-up body!!!! Who knew? I do like the new Marley, although I only pre-ordered the basic. The boxed set redhead I'd gladly buy nude- she is so elegant). The black coat-dress is to die for!!!!

      I have so many Tonner wigged basic wigs, it's ridiculous (although JS Gene, Madra, and Vi enjoy them).

    3. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Ooh, love the rockabilly theme and the retro look for Ellowyne & co :)

  4. My Marley gift set arrived, and I absolutely love it. I haven't deboxed it just yet, because I'm enjoying just looking at her. I did the same thing with the Regina Wentworth set, which was even better. After about a week, the urge to play wins out.

    1. That Marley gift set is lovely. I like the black dress very much.