Tonner 2015 Guilty Pleasures Convention Part II

The banquet on Saturday night was all about Marley, the new grown-up doll who is Tyler's sister.
The centerpiece:
Marley's Grand Entrance $199.
From here it looks a bit over done for my taste. The hat has to go now before baby birds start flying out.  Do those gloves have individual fingers? Congratulations if they do.

The souvenir gift set is the type of product that will bring people to conventions IMO. It consists of two complete outfits, lingerie, two additional pairs of expressive hands, a handbag, sunglasses and an extra wig. The black coat dress appears to have several large rhinestone embellishments. I like that they put in blue shoes instead of a  matchy, matchy pair. Lots of mix and match opportunities here. I do like that black dress a lot.
On the secondary market, this gift set may bring in some $$$ even though it's price is already lofty at $275.

Marley's Mad for Accessories  $275.

A shot from the Tonner Direct FB page shows the new Marley packaging to be very classy.

Child dolls on parade to their Patsy Ann break out event.

Souvenir Doll: Red Velvet Patsy Ann 14"  $150.

Look at the excitement on this living doll's face as she enters the ballroom! What a wonderful experience it must be for a child to go to a Tonner convention.

All these photos and more can be found on the Tonner Direct Facebook page. Thank you to the busy photographer for posting!


  1. I've been waiting impatiently for the release of the Marley line, and this gift set is pretty much everything I was hoping for. Hooray!

    That last picture speaks volumes, and shows the love and excitement many of us have for this hobby. May she come away from the convention with wonderful memories and some treasures.

  2. Hi Terri,
    I would love to play with a grown up Marley and this set. Love the idea of Marley all grown up. Reminds me of the happy days collecting Tyler & Co.
    And yes, the photo of the little girl is very dear..love to see a child all excited about dolls!

    1. Those were wonderful days! I put my Tylers through their paces and dressed and redressed them over and over. The ones I still have stay in their current fashions and don't get played with. Who has time to play with all the dolls we have? Seriously!
      However, the ones I have kept are the "keepers." I still love them.

  3. Do like the box set Marley. VERY sophisticated, although it would be nice if the red dress were separated rather than a single dress. Add black slacks, LOTS of possibilities. Any word on Tyler, Sydney, Matt, etc.?
    Still love Tyler, and certainly glad to get "15".