News From Kingdom Doll: Eira, Orbit and Liberty

I can't stop looking at this doll's image; she is gorgeous with Kingdom Doll's newest sculpt called Dubunni. Get ready because she will go on sale at the KD store on the 5th of June at 18:00 BST (British Summer Time) and is a LE of 30 dolls. Good luck!

Time conversion - Great Britain is 5 hours ahead of Eastern US. (DST-Daylight Savings Time) That's 1PM here in Pennsylvania and 10 AM in California. Those of you in between can figure it out from there.
Eira takes her name from the Welsh word for snow and she is very much Kingdom Doll’s modern interpretation of that classic fairytale beauty “Snow White”.  Eira’s whole look is synonymous with luxury, from the real white mink stole (an exclusive for KD by the esteemed doll furrier Dimitha), to the Swarovski pearl three strand choker necklace created by KD’s favourite doll jeweler Mike Austin. She is dressed in an indulgent pure white silk satin strapless gown. The makeup chosen for Eira was inspired by iconic Dior Couture looks which add to the ethereal qualities of this stunning doll.

Here is more information from the email that went out today:

The end of July will see the release of yet another new sculpt Selgovae, debuting as Orbit. (Orbit will be released in our higher edition size) Do not miss the next edition of Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine for exciting coverage on Orbit!

Following Kingdom Doll’s success in Paris, we have been invited to attend this year’s Metro Dolls event on Sunday 4 th October. We are truly honored to be presenting our very first OOAK Kingdom Doll which will be auctioned at the event to raise money for the St Jude Children's Research Hospital charity. We do hope to be able to meet many of you there and together support this worthy cause. More information about Metro Dolls can be found on their website…..Metro Dolls

But that’s not all!  Prior to Metro Dolls, we will be hosting our own dinner event on Saturday 3 rd October. There will be an exclusive doll just available at the event called “Liberty”, plus many exciting KD goodies. Places are limited to 40 and full details about this special event will follow shortly. If any of you are interested in attending then please email us at


If you would like to see more images of our dolls then please check out our Flick  account, Facebook page and of course the Kingdom Doll website


  1. So expensive...and so limited, both by amount of money asked for the dolls, the limited hours of availability, and by the time difference. No wonder people buy recasts, sometimes you just can't get one of these new editions.

  2. I love the KD dolls sculpts and fashions and desperately wish to get one some day. I am disappointed they are using a real fur with this one as the fur industry has attempted to make a resurgence and push into being a luxury item when I feel that is erroneous and far from the truth [especially for the animals]. It's disappointing as around here we have a bunch of red foxes and they do get hit from time to time. I've retrieved the skins and thought about making little stoles but don't want to add to the commerce online. I'll leave this at that. GR it never lets me use wordpress here

    1. Thank you for bringing up the issue of the use of real fur. I, too, am disturbed when I see real fur being used. Hopefully it's vintage fur. There is a lot of already existing fur that can be used with dolls.
      You can use your fox fur knowing that you did not kill the animal for it's skins.

  3. Wow! Definitely not the sort of finished look I was expecting for Eira based on those early teaser photos. How chic!

    Here's hoping I'll be able to be at a computer at that time, though I know my odds of getting through are slim :)

  4. I think she is a beautiful doll- but I had to pass because of the fur. Not like she was wanting for takers!

    1. This is an old post but I did want to come back and add that I found out the fur was a vintage recycled fur- so that is nice to know.

      Missing out on Eira still haunts me a bit but I guess we can't always have ALL the pretty things we want...

  5. I, too, am thoroughly disturbed and quite repulsed by the use of real fur. I know Terri you say you hope it is vintage fur - but you don't really know that. With all due respect, I think this is just something you are telling yourself so you don't have to feel guilty for possibly purchasing this doll. Disappointing,

    I have never heard of doll collectors demanding real fur to be used so i don't know why this company is going down that route or what market they think they are delivering to. I just wish people who condemn this sort of barbarism would put their words where their mouth is and actually not purchase the doll and/or support company instead of saying "oh yeah i condemn that" but still going ahead and buying it and advertise for it. Maybe if no one bought this doll, KD doll would think twice before producing any more fashion pieces with real fur in them. Imagine the torture those poor animals underwent for your doll fashion.