Comparison Photos: Violet, Oona, Madra, Gene and Trent

Anne Monday was gracious enough to allow me to repost her excellent photos which compare the newest resin Jamieshow Gene Marshall line to earlier releases.
The new versions are on the right except in the case of Grey Lady Gene.


 Grey Lady Gene (On the right is the original vinyl version.)



  1. It's great when collectors take the time to do these comparisons, as it is extremely helpful to others. In every case except Grey Lady, the original screening is the one I like better. That makes me happy, because I saw the Violet doll posted after the convention and decided to pass on her. She was gone within 30 minutes, if that. :-) Or am I just telling myself this to justify my decision?!

    1. I agree with Troy here! I went through the same struggle at the Convention over the new Violet and Trent! But since I'm lucky enough to have the first versions of all the JS Gene characters, I held off on these new ones. My dolly funds were spent on getting Lauren Bacall since I'd chose the Gene option for my Convention doll...once I came down to earth again from Black Lipstick's unveiling, I knew I needed to try for Lauren too! ;) And I haven't even dealt with which JS dolls out of the new Michigan Avenue group yet! My poor piggy bank is squealing at the thought!

    2. Only you know. :-)

  2. Oh nice comparison! I think I like the original screenings best, including the one for Grey Lady Gene. I really like the original, I like the new one a LOT too but she looks like an entirely different doll. The original is more cartoony I guess while the new one more realistic.

  3. Oh how I love doll comparison pics! Differing head sculpts, body types, make up, etc are all so fascinating to me. Would love to see shots of Gene's evolution from original prototype to Ashton Drake to Integrity to Jamieshow...