Just When You Thought Barbie Couldn't Get Worse...

...they've turned her into the housing for a video camera.

She is called "Barbie Video Girl Doll." Golly gee, what a creative title!

Here is the description from the BC.Com website:

Lights, BARBIE®, action! Barbie® doll is not just a doll, she's a video camera, too! A real video camera inside Barbie® doll features a camera lens hidden in her necklace and a video screen on her back that allows girls to record and view movies instantly. It's moviemaking from a Barbie® doll's point of view—literally! Includes USB plug-in cord. Doll is Windows/ MAC compatible. Doll cannot stand alone. For ages 5 and over.

I admit that the doll has one thing going for her, she's Mac compatible. At least someone over at Mattel has a brain. But seriously, shouldn't the doll look like a photographer or something related to movie making? I just don't get it.
Does she have to be undressed in order for her user to see the video screen? I'm intrigued now. I might have to hunt this one down just to examine it.

Anyway, the next time someone waves a freaky-looking Barbie doll at you in a bathroom,

Smile, you're on Barbie-cam!


  1. OMG. Wow, that's just... no.
    I showed it to my roommate and the first thing she said was, "I wonder where the USB cord attaches to the doll." Seriously bizarre and definitely not coming to live with me!

  2. When I saw this doll on a website, I was confused. I thought it was missing a piece of it's neck or something.

    I think it's just someone thinking they've come up with something new/clever. Mattel trying hard to outdo everyone else (a la Microsoft style).

    Sorry, but what's the point really?

  3. It seems almost like a parody of desperate marketing. I don't see this selling. It costs way more than a toy camera, and that's the only selling point.

  4. Just a lousy idea. One of the reasons I'm getting very picky with my barbie collecting and sticking with the adult collection than the playline and getting amazed more by the Fashion royalty/Dynamite girls/Itbe line instead