The Picture of the Week Feature is on Vacation

It was becoming more work and less fun so I'm changing things around a bit. When I find an image I'd like to feature, I will call it a "noteworthy photo" and go from there. If you have a suggestion for a different name, I'd like to hear it.

To review the POWs of the past year or so, check this link.



  1. i completely understand

    remember i used to post "daily dose of dollart" years ago.....

    it gets to be too much and often too little reward when people don't give feedback.

    your posts are interesting in that they are broad in the types of photos they are...not just people who have a similar style to yourself or each other..

    going for quality over fixed quantity is a smart move

  2. Thanks for your comments, Rob. Since I started collecting dolls, my range of interests has broadened and I appreciate so many different types of dolls that it can be overwhelming at times. I don't even know what my style is most of the time as I am evolving. OK this is too philosophical for me. Signing off.