Deneuve asks...

"Why on earth are you wasting your time with other dolls when you have me now?"
This lovely lady arrived in the midst of a mountain of Gene Convention goodies. The poor dear has only had a quick point & shoot session with a toy camera. She deserves so much more and when I get the time she will be introduced to the camera which resides upon a tripod in my studio.
But since you asked, here are some of her initial shots.

Deneuve comes with a different wig than the Monique Gold one she is wearing in these pictures. I can't wait to put several other size 4/5 wigs on her that I recently purchased. They fit perfectly.

Once you hold this doll in your hands, you won't be able to let go. Her resin is smooth and silky. Her articulation is superior and she can pose like a dream. Deneuve is ultra-pale with an non-standard proportion to her sculpt that turned me off at first. This sculptor marches to the beat of her own drum and I'm willing to open up to a different beauty.

She comes with 'dressing hands' that are ball shaped attachments which one removes after the doll is dressed. Her hands are graceful and her fingernails are carefully manicured as are her toenails.

She can stand without the doll stand but I didn't trust the possibility of a gust of wind out-of-doors.

As far as her outfit goes - under the dress is a lacy bodysuit. The dress itself is a sheer silk. Her corset is a warm platinum colored resin with easy to open and close metal hook-type thingies in the back. The boots are the same color as the corset and are properly made so she can stand correctly with the sole and heel of the boot in contact with the ground. Yay!

Deneuve has the new body with improved articulation and is part of the JAMIEshow line sold at Angelic Dreamz. She is a FDQ exclusive doll with a limited edition of only 50 dolls.

You know you want one.
Contact Pat Henry at FDQ for updated purchase information or call 1 (212) 961-0662.


  1. She is very nice.

    I like the pale skin tone and delicate hands.

  2. will u be posting photos of the new body? i can't wait to see what you do with her

  3. @Uriah: I will post nude images if you like or send them to you. T