Stardust Wrap-Up ~ Is It Really the End of the Line?

I've had a whole day and a 190 mile drive to think about the answer to that question. I don't think it's the end. Someone will come up with something. What do you think? I'd really like to know.

The day began with good news in that my defective Stardust doll was replaced. Thank you Joan and Melissa.
I thought checking out was going to be a hassle but the hotel was so organized and prepared with extra staff that instead of the 30 minute wait for a bellhop, they arrived in 10 minutes. There were many carts being pushed through the lobby piled high with Integrity Toys boxes and being followed by tired but happy collectors. Loews Philadelphia is a well-run hotel. The staff is extremely friendly and polite. The hotel was clean; the room was comfortable. I would definitely choose to stay there again.

It took me 3 hours and a large cafe Americano to get home. When I was about 30 miles from Woodstock the skies opened up and for a few hair-raising minutes, visibility was akin to looking through vaseline covered glass. And then the sun came out. And then the wind started blowing. Earlier this evening we had a tornado warning. What's next? Locust?

My baby (the dog) and my husband were very happy to see me. The spousal unit emptied the car. Men are so useful. :-) This is only the boxes that contained dolls. There was much more in my suitcases.
Then the unpacking began. Now the suitcases and cartons are empty. Dolls, outfits and swag are everywhere. I have tentatively decided what to keep and what to sell. I took quickie pictures of the boxed dolls and I dressed my flocked Trent in Matt's lounging pajama outfit. Isn't he great-looking? Only those who were signed up for Alain Tremblay's flocking class were able to purchase this doll. Most came with a different color flocked hair. Alain did beards and moustaches for those who desired them. He's definitely a unique Trent. Here are some pictures of the boxed dolls:Above: The souvenir gift set called "Daily Threads" that we were given one a piece at a time. On the left is the convention sheath and on the right is a Kio wig that was presented along with the doll on Saturday night. Above: Midnight Madra.Above: Men's Club Trent, the centerpiece doll from the Trent Luncheon. I believe everyone who paid $55. to attend that luncheon should have been able to purchase one of these dolls. We were all handed credit card forms to fill out in advance. These were pre-printed with our names! This led me to believe that everyone who wanted a doll would be able to buy one. What a let down it was to find out differently. I know a couple who didn't get one between them. They felt that the Philly cheese steak sandwiches were not worth the fee of $55. each. I agree with them. For $55. one would expect a really nice luncheon and not a sandwich buffet with very limited choices. I thought the food was fine but certainly not worth the price. I'm lucky that I was able to get a doll from a tablemate.

Above: "Fringe Festival" Ivy "Vee Jay" Jordan.

Above: "Moss Rose" Ivy "Vee Jay" Jordan. This doll was given as a table gift on Thursday night to all attendees.

Above: "Hostess with the Mostest" Zita Charles.

Above: "Dreamy" Trent Osborne.

Above: "Bellwether" Oona.

Above: "Midnight" Madra Lord.

Above: "Triumph" Gene Marshall
This doll was not received well at all. Many expressed disappointment at her severe hairstyle. I like her gown.

Above: "Parfait" Zita Charles. I think this is my favorite doll of all. We were given this doll on Friday afternoon at lunch. What a surprise!

Above: The convention souvenir doll "Stardust" Gene Marshall. In the box, it's difficult to tell how very pretty she is because her hair is secured by a net. But she is gorgeous and so is the gown. Mel told us the original designers of these gowns. The fashion sleuths on the Studio Commissary board have been posting photos that they're finding of the originals.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks again for sharing - and as always, great photos! - Dave