"Snow White" Kumi and "Rose Red" Yuri Price Drop!

I blogged about these Nu.Fantasy dolls here:

The W Club announced the price reduction on these dolls from Azone and BIC, Integrity dealers in Japan, supposedly due to the strength of the yen and negotiations with the factory. That doesn't sound honest to me. If these dolls were flying out the door, the yen could have been as strong as ever and the price would have stayed the same. The reception from collectors to this pair was quite cool and I think the lack of interest spurred the price drop more than the strength of the yen.
It's the economic principle of supply and demand in action. Consumers won't buy -> supply is great -> price drops.
Deceptive backpedaling.
Why couldn't they just say they priced the dolls too high for this market and have adjusted the price accordingly?
Would negotiations with the factory go like this? "We won't pay you and your children will starve?"

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  1. What will the new price be? $9.99? LOL

    These dolls still remind me of those toilet paper dolls, that our grandmothers often had.

    Interesting justification for the price drop.. but you are correct, Terri.. it doesn't seem honest.. since I work in investment banking .. this explanation doesn't make any sense to me. It's all razzle dazzle BS.

    $9.99? :)