More Convention Pictures and Stardust Dolls for Sale

The centerpiece dolls were Gene, Madra, Zita and Trent. I was able to purchase the Madra and Trent. Gene is apparently a fan favorite as there are people practically begging for her on the boards. She is quite the beauty and her outfit is adorable. Her hat is fabulous! Madra is in a highly stylized suit. The lace front forms a heart. It's definitely Madra-esque. Zita is glamorous and very pretty. I love her hairstyle but the gown is just average. I'd like to see her in a dark color.


Love, Madra


The Integrity sales room was filled to the brim with previously released Gene dolls. I availed myself of a load of stuff. One doll I always wanted was "All About the Eyes" Gene. I can't wait to get her out of the box. The prices were ridiculously cheap. If this is an indication of how much it costs to manufacture a doll then I just don't want to know. The mark-up is unbelievable.
The other boxed sale doll I purchased was for the gown. It is Marsha Hunt in "The Irene Gown."I have always loved this gown but not the doll. The price was right. We were permitted to purchase just one of each of these sale items.
There was a room for vendors in addition to Integrity's sales room. In there one could find jewelry, props, OOAK dolls, manufacturer dolls of many different types, clothing, shoes, Dressmaker Details line of clothing for Gene, Happily Ever After and lots of goodies. One visit wasn't enough!
And the room sales-most were concentrated on two floors which was a plus compared to the FR Pittsburgh dis-organization all over the hotel. I picked up this Horseman/Vita furniture which I've been wanting ever since seeing it at IDEX. It's fantastic. The chair is fully scaled for 16" dolls. It is not skimpy like most furniture. Covered in vinyl with metal supports and legs, it will be perfect for my dolls. The tables are very lightweight. The bases are cut from plastic and must be slotted together carefully. Once together they are nearly impossible to take apart.

Puki Madeline, my travel doll, enjoyed sitting on the back of the chair in my room.___________

This is what remains to sell:

NUDE "Dreamy" Trent Osborne Dressed Figure $95..

Click on the link to see pictures and descriptions.


  1. i adore you for posting this

    it gave me a little buzz just from reading all of the coverage


  2. Hi Terri,

    It was nice meeting you. I bought "All about the Eyes and Marsha Hunt in the sales room too. Great prices! I enjoyed your posts about the convention.


  3. Great convention coverage. Did anyone say why Jason Wu wasn't there?
    He presented Mel at the begining of Mel's life at Integrity.
    Thanks for the coverage and pictures.

  4. @James:
    My theory (besides the fact that Jason is too busy for dolls) is that this event was for and about Mel Odom and Jason's celebrity status could intefere. Mel did mention and thank him. Was Jason at all the prior Gene conventions?

  5. I couldn't tell you if he was at others.. I never really cared a lot for Gene.. ever.. really. She was too old fashioned for me. I hated the blue whites of her eyes on the old dolls. I liked parts of her life. But not all.

    As for Jason, not being at he Finale.. I think it would have been nice. He did present him under much fan fare.. to let Mel float off into the darkness without a public goodbye just seemed weird.

    A friend thinks neither men is/was totally with Integrity, anymore .. Mel just left, but she thinks Jason left long ago .. she thought that maybe they both could have came and said goodbye and left together. LOL.