Sideshow Toys - Hot Toys True-Type 12 Inch Obama Figure

This image is wrong on so many levels. It's not that it's nude but the fact that it is a likeness of the President and he's posed in front of an American flag. It's downright disrespectful in my opinion. I don't know much about Sideshow and Hot Toys but I'm guessing it is not a country based in the US. Feel free to correct my assumption if I'm wrong.
I actually think it's a great looking doll. The thighs are removable which makes me laugh. Seems they've already removed several other parts. And what's up with the ankles? This doll would look great in a good suit or sports clothes.
Here are the specs as put forth by the manufacturer:
The True-Type Figure Body 12 inch Figure features:

* Newly sculpted head
* Newly developed body
* Two (2) neck styles
* Muscular arms and thighs with detachable thigh muscles
* Two (2) sets of bendable and interchangeable palms, including one (1) pair for holding gun and one (1) pair of relaxed palms
* Over 38 points of articulation
* Suitability for 1/6th scale fabric costume and accessories
* Figure display stand

Price at Angelic Dreamz is $49.99. Item is available for Pre-Order.

Are you going to order one?

After I published the above I did a search for Obama doll. What a variety! There are actually a few that are more offensive than the Nekkid POTUS. (POTUS=President of the United States.)


  1. Wow... I love the Sideshow Barack Obama doll!

    I'm not really interested in 12" dolls anymore, but he could hang out with my Tom of Finland doll "Rebel" .. Barack, Rebel, Ken and the FR men, "Edward Cullen", Donny Osmond, Frank Sinatra, James Dean... and Michael Jackson :)

    I think I need one!

  2. Wow talk about overload. Some of it looks like a joke.