Tonner's Theatre de la Mode Midnight #63

This is one of the three new TDLM releases from Robert Tonner. I did not purchase the dressed doll as I did  Noir #99. I thought they looked too much alike.
Here is the promotional image.

My model is Scintillating Ashleigh.

I'm sure you know how it is when you buy something because it's part of a collection even when you don't want it? That's what happened with Midnight. It's a pretty dress but it would be most suitable for an afternoon funeral. It has some nice shirring detail on the bodice and the fabric is lovely but beyond that it's blah. I couldn't get the feather headpiece to stay on Ashleigh's hair - I didn't try very hard. My dress has a construction defect in that the closure at the neck causes the bow to be off center. That actually creates some interest. Perhaps it's not a defect. I would LOVE to see the original TDLM dress from which this design was taken.

Do you remember Purely Platinum?
I still have this TDLM Tyler doll - but not the dress. I think Midnight and Platinum would look beautiful displayed next to each other.  I wonder why Royale #82 is taking so long. It should have been released early December.

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  1. I like 16'' fashions bit too much. Love that black dress on your Ashleigh!