W Club Registration is Open

Time to once again be part of one of the most clever doll marketing schemes, the W Club. Brainchild of owner Carol Roth, the W Club has been in business since 2005. Members are essentially those to whom Integrity Toys markets their products.

The base membership is $50. For that price you receive first to know information about the products, access to exclusive W Club merchandise including the opportunity to buy four W Club exclusive dolls and lotteries to buy other dolls.

Along with the basic membership you can order optional dolls for more money.

For more detailed information, go to this link and read all about it.


  1. Hi Terri,
    As always, love the blog and your pics have been the deciding point for several purchases.
    I hope IT is able to resolve their quality control and production issues because the 6 month delay for "Spring Kissed" has made me question re-upping for next year.
    Will C.

  2. I am going to order Natalia but her dress really looks like playline Barbie.

    I will add that I agree the W Club does not offer it's members that much in value in relationship to the cost of membership.

  3. I preordered both girls, but already found splitting parners for the nude dolls. I love Natalia, but lets face it, Natalias never get to stay around in my collection, so a photoshoot with her, and off she goes to Japan. Love Poppy's dress, and Natalias accessories. That will be it for me.

    @ the second Anonymous, I do think the lotteries we get to participate on the WClub are a wonderfull reason per se, to join. Even if one doesn't want to keep the doll(s) they can be great trading dolls for other ones one might have missed, and wants badly. Also the exchange part of the forum is fantastic, it is pretty much the one section I do visit everyday (more than once a day actually).

  4. You also get $20 off a club doll, discount coupons to various doll stores plus a free digital dolls magazine subscription..so if you buy dolls, you will likely get your membership $ back...plus the forum is fun too!